5 Best Wedding Cake Shops In Lagos To Get Your Dream Wedding Cake

couple smiling while cutting wedding cake shot by photographer in lagos, Ash Robin

Have you ever attended a wedding with beautiful decor, lively music, and tasty food but no cake? Well, I haven’t. And I’m pretty sure you haven’t either. After all, cutting the wedding cake is a traditional part of the wedding day.

And many couples sincerely look forward to that. After all, it is fun and tasty. But like every other aspect of your wedding, selecting a cake vendor isn’t a piece of cake.

You need to select a baker that can bring your ideas to life. But since there are numerous cake shops out there, you might get lost especially when you have no recommendations. And the endless result on Google doesn’t help matters.

Knowing this, I’ve narrowed the result into 5 top wedding cake shops in Lagos. And this post discusses all of that. So without any delay, let’s cut to the chase.

Our List of The Best Wedding Cake Shops in Lagos


Are you looking for a tasty, beautiful, and perfectly healthy cake for your big day? If so, you need to check out Cakeflair. They are one of the top wedding cake shops in Lagos that are dedicated to making your dream cake.

They make use of natural ingredients with zero commercial additives to give you a cake with 100% wholesomeness. Yes, with Cakeflair, you don’t need to worry about taste, design, and nutrition.

They consider every aspect of your needs, allergies, and desires to bring your ideal cake to life. And if you don’t have any ideas, you can trust their team to help you out. So check out their website and IG profile. And if they’re the right ones for you, make contact.


Cakes and Cream is a top brand with cake shops in five distinct parts of Lagos. From Ikeja to Victoria Island, Cakes and Cream offers customers cakes pleasing to both the eyes and tongue.

Their customer service is top-notch and aims to satisfy clients with a standard cake of their (clients’) dreams. You can get a cake in the shape, color, and size you’ve always wanted. After all, their vision is to create sweet memories with you.

At Cakes and Cream, you can get prompt service and at a good price too. Yes, the team at Cakes and Cream truly lives up to their motto: “If you can DREAM it, we can CREAM it.” So, dream it, contact them and let them bake and cream it!


Wara Cake is a Yoruba term meaning ‘come and buy cake. But not just any kind of cake. At Wara cake, you can get access to a variety of gorgeous and scrumptious cakes for your big day.

Wara cake has an online retail cake store and currently operates in 22 states excluding Lagos. They also have efficient customer service. What about their delivery service? No worries, it is fast and reliable.

Their platforms are also secured so you can rest easy and shop for your dream cake. To see if they’re the right ones for you, visit their online shop and check out their IG page. If you love the sight, don’t hesitate – go and buy a cake.


SayCheese Cakes is another of the standard wedding cake shops in Lagos state. Their team consists of skillful bakers, cake consultants, and sugar craft experts whose aim is to put a smile on your face with a tasty cake.

SayCheese Cakes are not mass-produced and sold at the store. Instead, they bake cakes only on fresh orders. Hence, you can trust in the freshness of their cake.

Known for their innovation, you can get access to a cake unique in both design and taste. So if you have a crazy cake idea, contact SayCheese and get a wedding cake made just for you.


My first thought on these guys was: “pat-a-cake, baker’s man? Well, they’re kind of similar to that rhyme. After all, they give couples a scrumptious wedding cake as fast as they can.

During that process, they work closely with couples to give them the cake of their dreams. Bakers Man is capable of personalizing your cake to match your wedding dress or attire. Isn’t that interesting?

So if you wanted a customized version of yourself on your cake, Bakers Man got you covered. Check out their IG profile at bbakersman or contact them on their website.

smiling couple shot through their wedding cake

Pick up Your Cake From Any of These Wedding Cake Shops in Lagos and Preserve its Look

As mentioned earlier, cutting the wedding cake is a traditional part of the day. It completes the occasion. And that’s why couples take their time searching for that perfect cake vendor. The five wedding cake shops in Lagos discussed in this post are reliable places to pick up your dream cake.

So you’ve got your cake. What’s next? Of course, you want to preserve its tasty look and show it to your kids in the future. So contact us. Here at Ash Robin, we’ll help you do just that!

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