5 Tips to Manage Your Wedding Guests With Care

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When it comes to preparing for your wedding ceremony and reception, one factor has more impact than your venue, cakes, and wedding menu. Yes, it’s high time we talk about your wedding guests – the factor that influences most of the other wedding planning decisions you’ll need to make.

The major mistake some couples make is not trying to manage their guests. But you might ask what does that mean?

Simply, we’re referring to the steps and actions you need to take concerning your wedding guests to ensure both you and them have a wonderful occasion.

Curious? Well, this post discusses five must-know tips that’ll help you effectively manage your wedding guests. What are they?

TIP ONE: Pay Close Attention to Your Venue’s Seating Arrangements

In a previous post, we highlighted the size of your guest list as a major factor when booking your wedding venue. And that’s right. After all, you don’t want some of your guests to be hanging around with no place to sit and enjoy the program.

The key takeaway is to book a venue that can hold more guests than you’re expecting to be on the safe side.

But you don’t just want to pay attention to only the venue’s size. The very seating arrangement matters. To help your guests fully enjoy the day, you may choose to arrange seats by tables and have family members, relatives, or close friends sit with each other. This will allow them to freely interact with people they’re familiar with.

But that’s just one way of doing things. You may choose not to have a formal seating arrangement and allow your guests to sit wherever they like. Whatever choice you go for, ensure the following:

  • There are enough seats available for everyone
  • There’s sufficient space between seats and tables to avoid congestion

TIP TWO: Send Out Invitations Early and Confirm a Response

“I’m getting married and I want as many people as possible to attend my wedding.” If that’s what you want, there’s nothing wrong. However, trying to plan out your wedding without estimating the number of people to expect will get you into problems.

Thus, you need to make a list and send out invitations and an RSVP notice well in advance to give them time to plan their schedule and reply. Doing this will allow you to get an estimated number of people to expect and will go far in helping you prepare for them.

TIP THREE: Consider Using Pass Cards

Another decision you need to make when planning your wedding is whether you want your guests to come “strictly by invite.” If yes, then you should consider handing out pass cards to those you want present.

Having a strictly by-invite wedding will go a long way in helping you manage guests. You’ll be able to get, not just an estimate but an exact number of guests to expect. You’ll then be able to better prepare a spacious venue and ensure items on your wedding menu satisfy everyone. And the key to enforcing this is the pass cards you’ll be handing over to your guests.

TIP FOUR: Cater to Your Guests’ Special Needs

You know your guests best. So, ask yourself: “are there other ways I can ensure they have a great time during my wedding?”

If you’re having a destination wedding, you need to consider accommodation and transportation options for your guests.

You can help to research places that are affordable and convenient. Also, look for special rates and discounts that’ll help your guests save costs.

Another thing to consider is whether your reception and ceremony will be taking place in the same venue. If not, you need to consider the best transport routes and options for your wedding guests to move around and get to the reception venue in time to enjoy your day with you.

TIP FIVE: Keep in Touch

Nothing beats this tip. You need to communicate effectively with your wedding guests from the moment you send out an invite to them to the moment they return to their homes. Afterward, a thank you message will be invaluable to them.

By having a good flow of communication with your guests, you create an avenue for them to express any concerns they have.

Wrapping Up: Manage Your Wedding Guests With Care!

wedding in ibadan

A wedding won’t be complete without having anybody around to celebrate with you. Even if it’s only a few family members and friends around, you have to take steps to ensure they have a good time. So, send out your invites early, choose your venue carefully, and cater to any needs your guests may have, such as accommodation and transportation.

What’s more, keep in touch with your wedding guests throughout the period they’ll be traveling with you. Doing all these will help you successfully manage your wedding guests with care.

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