Documentary Wedding Photography

documentary shot of a bride getting ready for her wedding

Should you hire a documentary wedding photographer to cover your big day? When planning your wedding, you may have come across the term – ‘Documentary Wedding Photography.’ What is it? And why should you consider it? Not to worry, this article will answer those questions.

What Documentary Wedding Photography is

Many couples have had their wedding turned into photoshoots. They’ve found themselves in front of a camera for hours, trying to strike that perfect pose. If you have attended such a wedding, you know how stressful it can be. And obviously, you don’t want to go through that stress. Well, Documentary Wedding Photography is here to help you.

It is a photography style that tells the story of your wedding day naturally. How does it work? You only need to have fun with your family and friends while your photographer captures you without interrupting your day. Yes, it’s that simple! Just do what you’ll normally do if there’s no photographer there.

In other words, Documentary Wedding Photography involves the use of candid photographs (photos taken without advanced preparation) to describe your big day. 

Documentary Photography
An example of a Candid Photograph

Why you should hire a documentary wedding photographer

Now, you know what Documentary Photography is. But the bigger question remains – why should you hire a documentary wedding photographer? Here are three reasons to do so.

1. Decreases the number of staged shots. 

Of course, staged shots are not a bad thing. That said, it is best to have it minimized on your wedding day. Too much of it can get frustrating. And in the end, you may find yourself forcing a smile to get a good photograph. A documentary photographer will help you avoid this. So eat, drink, laugh, and dance while your photographer does the rest.

2. A documentary wedding photographer intervenes at the right time.

As stated earlier, your photographer will not interrupt your day. That said, there are times when you will require some directions. For instance, you want to take a group photo with your friends, family, and coworkers. In such cases, you can be confident that your photographer will step in to let you know what to do. 

3. Tells the complete story of your day

It is your photographer’s job to provide you with a detailed account of your wedding ceremony. But it doesn’t stop there. Your documentary wedding photographer has to cover the whole day.

Your wedding story begins with the setup. And this includes the decorations as well as the preparation of the bride and groom. Rest assured, here at Ash Robin: we’ll capture every bit of your wedding preparation and get your story off to a great start.

During the wedding ceremony, we won’t focus on only you. While we capture your best moments, we do the same for your guests. In the end, you may get to see parts of the day you may have missed. Of course, we’re also there during the after-party. While you’re busting out those dance moves, we become ninjas, capturing those great moments with stealth. Yes, we are present throughout your big day to tell its complete story.

Documentary photo of guests dancing at a Nigerian wedding


Your wedding is a special day and your photos ought to reflect that. So get a documentary wedding photographer who will give you a detailed story of your wedding day. At Ash Robin, we’ll help you do just so. So check out some of our best works and get started. Let’s make your wedding day your best day.

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