Average Price of A Nigerian Wedding Photographer

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What is the cost of a Nigerian wedding photographer? How much should I invest in my wedding photography in Nigeria? These questions have troubled a lot of couples when making their wedding budget. You may have also come across some of these questions. Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll see the average price of a Nigerian wedding photographer along with the different factors to keep in mind when making your wedding budget.

What is the average price of a Nigerian Wedding Photographer?

According to my research, a wedding photographer in Nigeria costs anywhere between N200k to millions of naira. Of course, this depends on several factors, plus I don’t know how much other photographers charge.
It is too expensive.” Did that thought cross your mind? If so, that’s normal. As a matter of fact, many couples have wondered why wedding photography is costly. However, this depends on several factors. Here are some of them.

  • Distance
    Of course, your wedding photographer will charge lower if your wedding is happening in a closer vicinity. However, when distance is involved, expenses are equally involved. These expenses include transportation fees, accommodation, and even feeding. If your photographers will be traveling a long distance, you need to include this in your budget. Guarantee their safety, and they will be happy to cover your big day.

  • Experience
    Experience also dictates how much your photographer charges. A photographer who has more experience in the industry will no doubt charge much more than a newbie. However, this is no reason to back out as quality comes with experience.

  • Equipment
    The cost of a photographer’s equipment is no joke. The price of a digital camera, lens, flash, memory card, and other equipment is very expensive, not to talk of the cost of computers. These expenses can only be recovered from their jobs. And this leads to the high cost of wedding photography we have today.

  • Insurance
    As seen above, the cost of a photographer’s equipment is high. As a result, many photographers have made sure their equipment is well-insured in case of theft or damage. And these usually involve a high sum of money.

All these factors greatly affect your photographer’s price. But you can be confident that your photographer will reach a reasonable agreement with you. That said, you need to have a minimum and maximum budget. So how much should you invest in your wedding photography?

How much should you budget for your wedding photography in Nigeria?

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With the above factors in mind, it is time for you to draft your wedding budget. Of course, your wedding budget solely depends on you. Nobody can dictate how much you should spend on your wedding photography. You need to make your decision depending on what you want and how you want it.

Do you want a low-key wedding? A standard wedding? Or better still, do you want to have a luxury wedding? Your answer gives you insight into how much you should be looking at. When making your decisions, keep your photographer in mind. Are they traveling? Will they need accommodation? You have to prepare for these expenses when making your budget. Once that is done, it’s time to search for your dream photographer. When doing so, note the following:

  • Be patient. Don’t opt for the first photographer you find on the net. Well, that’s except you think they’re the right match for you. Otherwise, there’s no harm in waiting and conducting more research.
  • If you’re looking to hire a photographer that’s a little bit above your budget, ask them for payment plans. Many photographers are willing to negotiate with you to arrive at the most beneficial price for both parties.
  • Be sure to ask your photographer tons of questions. An ideal photographer should be able to take you along the process.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, wedding photography in Nigeria has no fixed price. It all depends on your want, budget, and photographer. So, in the end, it all boils down to having the right photographer who’ll be ready to work within your budget.
Here at Ash Robin, we’ll take you along the process so that you’re aware of everything that’s happening. What’s more, we’re ready to work within your budget and create a great experience for you. So contact us, and let’s work magic together.

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