As documentary wedding photographers, we aim to tell the complete story of your day. We do this by creatively taking pictures of the moments as they occur without directing or arranging anyone. You, as well as your family and friends, are free to do as you would like and have fun without any interruption from us. The only time we ever direct you is when taking your portraits. Don’t worry; this is a fun, creative process where we give you a few prompts to ensure your love story gets told in the best way possible.

There’s no time limit. We are there from the beginning to the end of your wedding to tell the complete story.

We offer limited videography packages based on your date. Please email us for availability.

Yes, we edit all photos for color and exposure.

Yes. We live in Lagos, Nigeria and we love going to new places. Don’t let distance stop you from contacting us.

We will send you a few ‘sneak peeks’ some days after your wedding. You’ll get the remaining soft copies within 4 weeks of your wedding and your album(s) within 6-8 weeks. All your pictures will be uploaded in high resolution to an online gallery. We’ll then give you a link to view, download, and share with your loved ones. We’ll also send a USB with all images together with the album.

Just fill the contact form, and we can arrange a call for us to get to know one another and see if we’re a perfect fit.

"God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness.”