Lighting Your Way to Beautiful Wedding Photos: A Guide for Couples

Lighting your way to beautiful wedding photos

Every couple wants their wedding photos to come out just right. Or should I say they want their pictures to be more than perfect? To make that possible, they take weeks searching for the right photographer. After this, they hire other vendors to look their best on the big day. But one thing many tend to forget when preparing for their wedding photos is ‘lighting.

Lighting? How does that affect your wedding photos? Well, your wedding photographer knows that. He knows that the quality and position of light play a crucial role in your photos. It can give your images the final touch it needs. And on the flip side, it can totally ruin your pictures.

Well, chances are you already knew that. But how should this affect your wedding planning? Not to worry, in this post, I’ve created a guide that will help you, as a couple, answer that. Here, I’ve spotlighted four ways in which lighting should influence your decision for the best photographs. So, what’s number one?

1.     Select the right time for your Wedding ceremony

Of course, the time of day you choose to hold your event affects your photographer’s job. And that’s not surprising since the direction and quality of light varies as the day progresses. In the morning, you’ll get long shadows and a golden light since the sun is low in the sky.

At midday, the sun becomes hotter and creates harsh lighting for photographs. But in the evenings, you get a softer light at sunset. This creates what we call the golden hour of the day – one of the perfect times for wedding photos because of the warm and ethereal atmosphere.

Knowing how lighting varies by time of day should help you time your ceremony for ideal photographs. And this is especially so if you’re having an outdoor event.

silhouette of a couple holding each other
The timing of your wedding photos matter

2.     Your venue matters

That’s a given. After all, different venues have different lighting conditions. Many indoor venues give you the perfect blend of natural and artificial light. Still, others don’t allow the penetration of sunlight. Undoubtedly, this will pose a challenge for your photos.

The same can also be said for outdoor venues that offer strong shadows. And that is why you should carefully consider the venue you’re planning to get. Don’t jump in for the first option you see online. Make a list of several Venues and, if possible, visit each of them before booking. You can get a list of the best indoor and outdoor venues in Lagos here.

3.     Have a Backup Plan

Unexpected things can happen on your big day. And that’s why many couples create a backup plan in case anything goes wrong. Your lighting conditions should be no different. But you might ask: what can happen to the lighting?

Well, for indoor ceremonies, an interruption in the power supply will no doubt put out any electric lighting in the building. And as seen above, some venues don’t offer room for sunlight. That’s a worst-case scenario, right?

And for outdoor ceremonies, sudden changes in weather conditions like cloudy skies and strong winds can pose a challenge for your wedding photos. And that’s why you need to prepare for unexpected lighting situations. Don’t hesitate to brainstorm with your wedding photographer. This brings us to our fourth tip.

4.     Communicate with your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to your wedding photos, your photographer is your strong ally. Like you, he wants to give you the best images that describe how you felt and looked on your big day. And that’s why you need to freely communicate with each other.

Inform your photographer of your wedding time, venue, and any concerns you have. After all, you can’t wait till evening to start your wedding ceremony. And as seen above, some unexpected situations can suddenly come up that you might not be able to control.

Keep in mind your photographer is trained for times like these. They know how to create stunning images at every time of the day. Also, they have the equipment to create their own lighting (if the need arises).

Knowing these, carefully consider who you choose to work with. Not to worry, here at Ash Robin, we’re ready to address all your concerns. So, get to know us, and let’s get to know you, so we can create beautiful photographs together.

artistic silhouette pre wedding picture at lagos travel inn in ikeja

Bottom Line

Lighting, as we’ve seen, can make or ruin your wedding photos. But there’s no need to get worked up over it. You only need to include this as a factor that influences decisions you make regarding your wedding planning. Once you do so, you’ll be lighting up your way to beautiful wedding photos.

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