Should You Print An Album For Your Wedding?

front cover of wedding album with briefcase

Why should you print an album for your wedding? The truth is the world has changed. Lately, everything’s going digital. After all, it’s 2022! Our games, movies, music, and even books have gone digital. And wedding photos are no exception. Hence, one may wonder whether the traditional wedding albums hold any relevance in our day.

Well, I did. And that led to this post. Here, I’ll discuss three main reasons why you should print an album for your Nigerian wedding.

1. Technology changes with time

Today, many couples wouldn’t waste a second thinking about how they want their wedding photos. “Digital copies” is no doubt their first pick. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, it is convenient, high quality, and even portable. And technology has only aided this. With a flash drive, you can easily store your wedding photos.

Since tech is at its best today, you may think it’s better not to dwell much on it – ‘Just follow the trend while it lasts.

Well, in my opinion, this is exactly why you should pause and give critical thought to it. For instance, before the arrival of USB, storage media like floppy disks were used. And a floppy disk could hold at most 1.44 megabytes. So, if you wanted to store larger files, you had to use several floppy disks. Stressful, right?

But now, you can easily store up to terabytes with a single USB flash drive. Without a doubt, this has driven the older method into extinction. If that was possible, what’s the guarantee of USB lasting the next decade? Nowadays, cloud storage is arguably even more popular than USBs.

If USB drives go out of use or something happens to cloud storage, how would you access your wedding photos then? You would have to go through unimaginable stress just to retrieve the precious images of your big day. But there’s a solution.

In every era, books/printed copies remain common. Hence, if your photos are in that format, you can rest assured that no change will affect your precious pictures. Even if a new tech comes out, your pictures are safe. Even if your hard drive crashes, your photos are safe. Truly, wedding albums stand the test of time!

2. It tells your wedding story

Still talking about time, your wedding album is kinda like an heirloom passed to the next generation(s). Here’s a good example – your parents’ photos.

Lemme take a guess – it was the printed traditional wedding album, right? If I were to scale, I’m 90% sure of that. That’s considering the technology back then. But that aside, how did you feel when you lived through your parents’ big day? Excited? Impressed? Amazed? Or maybe it was hilarious? Whatever the feeling, it was a good experience, right?

That’s a given. Wedding albums preserve the memories of your big day and convey them to anyone who takes a look. Hence, albums allow couples to share their wedding story with their children. When it comes to this aspect, wedding albums can’t be beaten. Not even by digital copies.

wedding album

3. Wedding albums are designed to suit your style

Another good thing about wedding albums is that they’re custom-made. It doesn’t have to look like your plain-old-big dictionary at home. With custom designs and materials (like leather and fabric), your album can look and feel just how you want it to.

But aside from the surface, the inner part of your album can be arranged to your wants and needs. However, many photographers will do so in chronological order. This is to ensure you get the accurate story of your wedding day. Of course, if you don’t want it that way, feel free to inform your photographer.


a page from a wedding album printed by lagos wedding photographer

So, should you get a printed wedding album? Yes! And I don’t think this will ever change considering the three points above. Our standard traditional wedding album will always remain in play.

As a couple, you may be wondering whether to opt for wedding albums or just digital copies. Here’s my recommendation: go for both! That way, you’ll be able to store your photos on your PC and even the cloud while still holding onto the hard copies. Yes, a win-win situation.

So when selecting your wedding photographer, keep in mind your wedding album. And inform your photographer ASAP. Not to worry, here at Ash Robin, we’re ready to help you design that perfect wedding album.

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