7 Memorable Wedding Photos You Don’t Want to Miss

bride girls taking a selfie with her at a traditional wedding in ibadan

Hey there! Getting excited about your big day? Can’t wait to tie the knot already? Well, that’s a given. Your wedding should be one of, if not the most anticipated day of your life. As such, it is only natural that you want it to be your most memorable. And what better way of recalling your day than through your wedding photos?

As a result, I’ve highlighted 7 must-have wedding photos. These are the most common yet essential wedding photos that would help you remember your big day throughout the years. And it begins with the pre-wedding prep.

1.     Pre-wedding Preparations

You might ask: “why would some couples want to prioritize the images of getting ready?” Well, believe it or not, your pre-wedding prep is a huge part of the day. The laughter, the tears, the nerves of steel – no doubt, you wouldn’t want to miss the emotions that start off your big day.

To that end, ensure your photographer has adequate plans to cover your and your partner’s preparations. What if both parties are getting ready in separate locations? If so, you’ll want to ask for a second shooter. Without a doubt, you’ll want to reflect on how tense your partner was before the ceremony.

groomsman helping groom put on his tie
A wedding photo portraying a groom getting prepared

2.     First Look

The first look refers to a moment when you see your partner for the first time on the wedding day. First looks usually happen before the ceremony begins. It creates a special kind of atmosphere that helps a couple to relax by meeting each other.

If you’re planning on having a first look, you should start preparing for that moment. Ensure you inform your photographer beforehand. After all, you don’t want to document this moment hurriedly.

3.     Exchange of Vows

Your marriage ‘vows’ matter a lot. It signifies the moment you both become legally married. Every preparation you’ve made for the past months or even a year has been for this moment. It’s only natural that your wedding photos reflect this.

a couple exchanging vows at a wedding

4.     Reception Entrance

You’re married now. What’s next? It’s time to celebrate. Get ready as you’ll need to make a grand entrance into the reception venue. You can choose to walk or even dance in. Whatever method you choose, ensure you pull off the most memorable entrances ever.

5.     Cutting the Cake

Your wedding cake is another vital aspect of your wedding day. You’ve carefully selected the best baker and opted for the best ingredients. And now, it is time to cut that cake. Your photographer knows what he has to do – capture that moment.

nigerian couple cutting their wedding cake

6.     First Dance

As the name shows, the first dance refers to the first time you and your partner dance together as a married couple. In Nigerian weddings, this is the time of the day when you and your guests let loose. 

While some couples may be shy, others go full power during their dance. Whatever happens, you know you want to relive this part of your day over and over.

nigerian couple dancing in at their wedding

7.     Family-Friends Photos

Of course, your wedding album won’t be complete without photos of your friends and family. Whether it is through portraits or candid shots, you don’t want to miss the look of your loved ones on your most memorable day.

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Don’t Get Carried Away!

During your wedding, you are sure to take lots of pictures. However, some of them would have more impact than others. The seven wedding moments above are ones that every couple wants to get a hold of. While you anticipate your wedding, start preparing for these moments.

But ensure you don’t get carried away. You don’t want to be too excited about getting the wedding photos that you forget to enjoy the moment, right? And that’s why you have to choose a wedding photographer you trust will bring your ideas to life. Here at Ash Robin, we’re happy to give you those memorable shots (both candid and staged) to help you recall your big day.

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