7 Top Trending Wedding Dress Styles in 2024

One of the top trending wedding dress styles in 2024

Just got engaged? Congrats. By now, you must have started minor preparations in anticipation of your big day. But as a bride, it’s safe to say the part of your wedding prep you’re mostly looking forward to is the “wedding dress.”

After all, you can’t wait to catch your groom’s expression upon seeing your entry on the big day. In preparation for that moment, it’s great to look up some of the best wedding dress styles you can try.

In this post, we’ve highlighted 7 wedding dress styles that are trending in 2024, beginning with the midi and maxi wedding dress styles.

1.    Midi Wedding Dresses

A midi dress refers to any dress that falls below the knee and above the ankle. These dresses are stylish and have a modern feel to them. What’s more, it comes in a variety of materials. But you might wonder why one would use a midi dress for their wedding.

Well, while the most common length for wedding dresses falls below the ankle, midi dresses are suited for casual weddings. It’s 2024, and this dress style is now incredibly popular and accepted in place of the standard maxi dresses at traditional weddings. Ultimately, it comes down to your choice.

2.    Maxi Wedding Dresses

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These dresses go all the way down to the floor, and they can easily mix and match with other styles. What are some of those other styles, you ask?

3.    Wedding Dresses With Colored Flowers

That’s pretty clear. And yes, nowadays, you can get wedding dresses integrated with a colored bouquet. If you’ve always wanted something other than the plain-white dress, this helps to add a unique look and feel. Interested? Here’s a list of floral wedding dresses to review.

4.    Wedding Dresses With Pearls

Similar to the third style on the list, these styles have pearls as part of their design. The pearls may be sewn into the fabric to create an attractive pattern that adds to the beauty of the gown. So, once again, your wedding dress doesn’t have to be plain.

5.    Colorful Wedding Dresses

But what if you’re not satisfied with the color white for your dress? If so, the above two styles help add variety. And if they don’t suit your taste, you can just decide to get a different color for your wedding dress.

Yes, the terms “wedding dress” and “white” are not related in any way. So it’s okay to mix and match two different colors for your wedding dress. You may choose to go with a mix of your favorite color and that of your Groom’s. The key is to be creative and choose a reliable wedding dress designer.

6.    Ball Gowns

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Going for the Disney princess look? If so, a wedding ball gown (usually consisting of a voluminous skirt and fitted bodice) is your best bet.

7.    Cape Dresses

What if you want something more flexible and unique? Then you may decide to choose a cape wedding dress. As the name indicates, these dresses feature a removable cape. You can decide to put it on during the ceremony and remove it at the reception. Once again, it’s your choice.

Wrapping Up: What is the Best Wedding Dress Style in 2024?

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Every bride has their ideal look. That’s why the answer to that question depends on your preference. Remember, you only have one chance to achieve that ideal look and leave your groom speechless. So, get started ASAP in picking your best wedding style in 2024.

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