4 Popular Wedding Cake Flavors to Try

best wedding cake flavor

What does your ideal wedding cake look like? If you’ve decided to bake one for your wedding party, you most likely have several references for the design. But we won’t delve into that in this post. Instead, we’ll focus on the most interesting aspect of the cake – its taste.

When it comes to your wedding cake flavor, it’s all about your preference. To help you decide, we’ve put together some mouth-watering wedding cake flavors you should consider for your big day.

Top Wedding Cake Flavors Ideas

1. Lemon Flavor

If you love lemon cakes, then there’s no harm in getting one for your wedding. Lemon-flavored cakes are considered one of the most popular wedding cake flavors.

And that’s no wonder, considering its light and fluffy texture. There is more to that, though, when it comes to lemon cakes. Since it’s easy to eat, it’s favored as a light dessert.

Sounds good to your ears and tongue? Then give it a test run. If you love it, go ahead and order one for your wedding. But speaking of popular wedding cake flavors, there’s one that beats lemon cakes by far. Yes, Vanilla.

2. Vanilla Flavor

Around the world, vanilla wedding cakes are popular. Yes, so much so that they are considered the first option for many couples. Wondering why this is so? Well, for cake experts, vanilla is a great choice because it goes well with just about any frosting flavor you may dream of.

For non-cake experts, vanilla cake is simply delicious! You don’t need to worry about frostings if you have no knowledge of them in the first place. Choose a reliable baker, make vanilla your choice, and you’re good to go.

3. Red-Velvet Flavor

Red velvet cake is another perfect candidate for your choice of wedding cake flavor. But you might ask: What exactly is a red velvet cake?

Well, its name says it all. However, the major ingredient that makes up this red cake flavor is cocoa powder. That, plus the use of brown sugar is considered to be the cause of its red color.

That aside, let’s talk about the taste – the main reason red velvet wedding cakes are common. It’s not surprising, though, as it tastes falls somewhere between a chocolate and vanilla cake

4. Chocolate Flavor

We’ve already considered vanilla wedding cakes. So, let’s talk about chocolate cakes. This cake flavor is just as (if not more) popular than vanilla wedding cakes. Surely, you don’t need in-depth details on how chocolate works. If you love chocolate on a regular day, why not tell your baker to go all out and make you a wedding chocolate cake? After all, it’s your big day.


happy couple cutting cake at a nigerian wedding

The wedding cake is no doubt a vital part of the wedding day. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it. Instead, because of that reason, you should ensure the cake matches your taste. That’s why we’ve highlighted the 4 most popular wedding cake flavors to try, especially if you’re not a cake expert.

And if you’re getting married in Lagos, our list of the best wedding cake shops in Lagos will help you select the right people for your cake. So, get researching, baking, and enjoying the taste your cake flavor has to offer.

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