3 Benefits Why You Should Get A Wedding Photography Contract in Lagos

should you get a wedding photography contract in Lagos?

Is it worth getting a wedding photography contract in Lagos? Perhaps you’ve decided on a photographer to cover your big day. You’ve checked out his reviews, past works, and photography style. Moreover, you’ve interviewed him and are confident you’ll work great together on your special day. No doubt, you think you should hire immediately, right? But hold up a sec! Have you requested a wedding photography contract?

One common mistake many couples make when hiring a photographer is not getting a wedding photography contract in Lagos. We’ve seen that before. However, in this post, we’ll dive deeper into the essential role a wedding photography contract plays for your big day. To get started, though, what exactly is a photography contract?

What is a Wedding Photography Contract?

Simply put, a wedding contract refers to the legal document containing the agreements between you and your photographer. It clearly states the terms and conditions of the photographer’s services on your wedding day.

Such terms may include the date and location of the event, the number of expected photos, the deadline, costs, and more. It helps both parties involved to understand their responsibilities and expectations.

By preparing this contract, you can protect yourself and your photographer from future conflicts. And this means both parties can hold each other accountable when an agreement has been breached.

With that in mind, below are three more reasons why you shouldn’t skip getting a wedding photography contract for your Lagos wedding.

Importance of a Wedding Photography Contract in Lagos

1.     Ownership of the Wedding Photos

If you’re hearing this for the first time, it may sound weird, but your wedding photographer owns the images he takes. In this case, your wedding photos. Why? Well, all I can say is that’s how the copyright laws for photography works.  

Although this doesn’t bring up issues as both couples and photographers find ways to work with this. And what’s more, a professional photographer won’t try to restrict his clients from sharing or posting their images.

That said, the fact remains. And otherwise stated in the wedding contract, your photos legally belong to the photographer.

2.     Payment Terms

A wedding contract that says nothing about payment may as well be ineffective. After all, this is one of the most crucial aspects of the contract. It outlines the financial responsibilities and expectations of both parties. It protects your photographer by clearly stating how and when they’ll be paid for their services.

And by outlining the payment schedule and any required deposits, couples can better manage their wedding budget and avoid any future disputes from their end.

3.     Cancellation Policies

Unexpected situations tend to occur during events, with weddings as no exception. As a result, a time may come when you’ll need to cancel your photographer’s services. To prepare for such a time, ensure your wedding photography contract clearly states the cancellation terms. It should also include any fees that’ll be incurred.

By doing so, you’ll protect yourself from needless charges, and your photographer won’t experience any loss. It creates the perfect win-win situation.

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A wedding photography contract allows you to fully enjoy your big day!

Get your Wedding Photography Contract in Lagos Here at Ash Robin!

As seen throughout this article, it’ll be unwise to hire a photographer for your big day without getting a photography contract. After all, no one knows when disagreements may arise. Getting a legally binding contract to cover every area of your photographer’s services will help protect you both.

However, does this mean you can’t trust your wedding photographer? Of course not! Remember, your photographer is the one whom you’ll spend most of your big day with. Aside from your partner, that is. It’s essential to establish friendly communication as that can help ease your wedding stress.

And most times, legal disputes do not arise between a photographer and his client. So, you can stay calm. However, regardless of that, a professional photographer would still offer you a contract to protect you from situations that could be avoided. Here at Ash Robin, we don’t only offer our clients an impressive photography service. We also make sure to back up our agreements with a wedding contract. So, check out our past works, and let’s get to know you.

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