5 Things Your Wedding Venue in Lagos Should Have for Beautiful Photos and A Memorable Event

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Hey there! So, you’re getting married soon and want your photos to be memorable and perfect, right? Well, every couple does. But here’s what you should know – just having a wedding photographer shows up on the big day isn’t enough. Why?

That’s because there are other things (beyond the control of your photographer) that can affect how your photos turn out. And amongst these things, your venue is a top factor. That’s why you need to consider your photos when deciding on a wedding venue in Lagos.

How? In this post, I’ll discuss 5 things your wedding venue in Lagos should have – not only for perfect photos – but also for a comfortable and joyful event. So, read on and ensure the place you’re about to book has all these:

1.     Proper Lighting

The first thing you’d want to look out for when deciding on a Lagos wedding venue is lighting. And that’s no wonder. After all, lighting is another factor that can affect how your wedding photos turn out. Good lighting helps your photographer deliver vivid and clear images. It also enhances the décor and look of your event, leading to beautiful scenery for wedding photos.

Aside from that, lighting can lift the mood of your wedding and create a lively atmosphere. So, when picking a wedding venue in Lagos, ensure you check the lighting conditions. For indoor venues, check if there’s a provision for sunlight. If not, does it have enough artificial light for your event?

And for outdoor venues, consider whether the sun will be too harsh for your guests and affect your photographer’s shots. Choosing a well-lit venue is the first step to a comfortable and beautiful wedding event.

2.     Reliable Power Supply

Before booking a Lagos wedding venue, you’ll have to check its power source. That’s a given. After all, without power, you can’t comfortably run your event. You won’t be able to power your sound equipment or even light up the venue. Also, your vendors (including your photographer) won’t be able to comfortably carry out their tasks.

So, you’ll want to confirm the venue you’re about to book has a reliable power supply. But not just that. You’ll need to create a backup plan. Why? Well, we’re all familiar with the inconsistent power supply in Nigeria. It goes off without warning. So, what if that happens in the middle of your ceremony? What would you do?

In this case, having a backup plan (perhaps a generator) will save you from embarrassment and inconvenience. You may even decide to power the whole day with a generator to avoid pausing your event when changing power sources.

3.     Adequate Space

Another thing to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Lagos is your guest count. It tells you how big or small your venue should be. For instance, if you’re expecting a hundred guests, you don’t want to book a place that can contain only eighty, right? Doing so will lead to congestion and a disorganized event.

On the other hand, choosing a venue that can hold more than your guest count will create more room and a comfy atmosphere on your big day. So, in summary, your wedding venue should have adequate space for your ceremony. And in speaking of space, remember to choose a place that offers enough room for your group photos.

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Your Lagos wedding venue should have adequate space for photos

4.     Proper Ventilation

Your wedding is a joyful day. As such, you need to make sure you and your guests are comfortable. And providing proper ventilation is another way of doing so. Hence, the venue you decide on should have air provisions, especially if it’s indoors.

Check to see if it has a working air conditioning system. If not, does it have enough windows to allow natural air? No doubt, ventilation is an essential factor to include when choosing a wedding venue in Lagos.

5.     Stylish Décor

Your wedding venue is not complete till it’s decorated. The décor brings out the beauty of the venue space. It also enhances the look of your photos. How should this influence your choice of a wedding venue in Lagos? Well, when booking a Lagos wedding venue, you’ll need to check if they offer decorations included in the package.

If yes, ask what options they have. You can also ask for photos of previous events held in the venue. By doing all these, you’ll be able to determine what kind of décor will work best in the venue and for your wedding.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Venue in Lagos

As I mentioned earlier, just having a wedding photographer show up at your event isn’t enough to get the photos you want. The environment and venue you decide to use also contribute to the quality of the images. And that’s why you need to put in the extra effort to find a location that can enhance your wedding photos.

In Lagos, there are lots of venues (both indoors and outdoors) that offer the perfect conditions for your wedding event. From proper lighting and ventilation to adequate spacing and stylish decors, you can get everything you need for a comfortable and memorable day. All you need to do is go through the list of wedding venues in Lagos and decide which is right for you. Once you’ve gotten an ideal wedding location, you are one step closer to getting the images you’ve always wanted.

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