The Ultimate Showdown: 3 Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Lagos Wedding Venues

Indoor and outdoor Lagos wedding venues

Are you trying to decide between Indoor and Outdoor Lagos wedding venues? If you were asked a few years back which one you’d like to have for your wedding, what would you say? Chances are you never gave it a thought. But now that you’re getting married, you’re likely thinking about the type of venue to get.

As trivial as it may seem, deciding whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding is necessary. Depending on your choice, it affects several aspects of your wedding prep, including the wedding theme, décor, arrangements, and more. And since the venue is where your event takes place, it also affects the end result of your photos.

So, with all that at the corner of your mind, what should you choose? Not to worry, this post will help you make that ultimate decision. Here, I’ve spotlighted the 3 pros and cons of choosing between indoor and outdoor Lagos wedding venues. So, read on!

Pros of Indoor Lagos Wedding Venues

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1.     Weatherproof

No doubt, this is the top advantage indoor Lagos wedding venues have over outdoor venues. Its enclosed space provides protection from unpredictable weather conditions. Thus, it allows you and your guests to fully enjoy the event.

Yes! If you opt for an indoor venue, you won’t have to worry about sudden rainfall. Not only that, you and your guests will not experience discomfort from extreme heat or strong wind. Come rain or shine, you’ll be able to tie the knot with your partner.

2.     It’s Flexible

Here’s one thing you can’t do with outdoor venues – customize your wedding location to your heart’s content. By this, I mean indoor wedding venues in Lagos allow for a wider range of décor than outdoors. You can recreate the ambiance you want by adding various elements, such as backdrops and lighting.

And here’s the best part – you can customize your lighting. It doesn’t have to look like the plain white and yellow bulbs common in the home. And if possible, in your venue, you can choose to add Uplights to create a dramatic look. It’s all up to you.

3.     It’s Comfortable

Truth be told, indoor venues give you that comfort that outdoor centers just can’t. In addition to protection from extreme sunshine or rainfall, it provides a more comfortable seating arrangement. Don’t forget that you won’t need to risk battling insects while indoors. And to top it all off, an indoor venue with AC provisions will allow you to relax and party at the same time.

Yes, if all these are what you’re looking for when deciding between indoor and outdoor Lagos wedding venues, the former is for you. But hold up first, what are its downsides?

Cons of Indoor Venues

1.     Limited natural lighting

Okay, I’ve said this many times, but good lighting is essential for beautiful wedding photos. And the best kind of lighting you can get is natural light. When it comes to this, many indoor wedding venues fall short as they don’t provide adequate sunlight.

Note that this downside can be bypassed with sufficient artificial lighting and a skilled wedding photographer. That said, it’s best to aim for those Lagos wedding venues that allow the perfect blend of natural and artificial light for the best pictures.

2.     Limited Space

Remember how I said indoor venues are super comfortable? Well, that can suddenly change if your event is overcrowded. It can lead to a stuffy and congested atmosphere, making it worse than the heat from an outdoor venue. How is this a downside?

Simply put, indoor venues are limited in size. Well, it all depends on your guest count, right? But if that number is large, an indoor venue may not be the best bet. Remember, you need a venue that’s a little higher than your guest list to provide the best experience for your guest. And to safely do that for a large guest list, an indoor venue is not the ideal choice.

3.     Costly Decor

When you first arrived at the indoor venue you desire, how did it look? Bland, right? That’s natural. It will require a lot of décors to make it presentable for your big day. The flowers, balloons, backdrops, and lighting used in the prep all cost money. Hence, the more décor that’s needed, the more you spend.

That’s not the case with outdoor Lagos wedding venues. Since its outdoors, it provides beautiful natural scenery that requires less décor. And that’s one way of cutting costs.

Pros of Outdoor Lagos Wedding Venues

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Outdoor Lagos wedding venues offer natural light for beautiful photos

1.     Natural lighting

Natural lighting at various times of the day is one of the top advantages of choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Lagos. It creates a warm and ethereal atmosphere that allows your photographer to create shots you can’t replicate indoors.

2.     Unlimited Space

As discussed above, indoor venues are not the best option for a numerous guest list. With an outdoor venue, you won’t need to worry about space. No matter how large your guest count is, as long as it’s lower than a thousand ?, I think you’re covered.

All you need to do is provide sufficient chairs and shades for your guest. Outdoor venues also offer enough space for picture-taking. When it comes to size, it beats indoor venues hands-down.

3.     Beautiful Scenery

Indoor venues allow you to decorate to your heart’s content. But outdoor weddings are foolproof you don’t need all the décor in the world to have a beautiful event. The natural backdrop and lighting that outdoor venues in Lagos offer will lift up your event and give you one-of-a-kind images.

Cons of Outdoor Venues

1.     Unpredictable weather

What if it rains on your wedding day? What if the heat is too much to bear? What if there’s a heavy wind that disturbs your guests and décor? Sad to say, outdoor venues don’t offer solutions to these questions as it is always vulnerable to weather conditions.

2.     Additional Logistics

Outdoor Lagos wedding venues require more tasks to complete. You’ll need to rent tents and chairs and make restroom provisions for your guests. You’ll also have to move your sound and power equipment to the venue. These tasks will cost you more time and even money. A lot of these things come ready with an indoor venue.

3.     Noise and Distractions

Depending on the Outdoor venue you choose, you may have to deal with a noisy environment. For instance, if the venue you’re about to book is nearby a busy road, you know what to expect. The constant movement of vehicles and those passing by will create a lot of noise and distract you and your guests from having a wonderful day.

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Choose the right venue and enjoy your day to the fullest!

The Verdict: Choosing Between Indoor and Outdoor Lagos Wedding Venues!

So, after considering all our pros and cons in this post, which is the best option between indoor and outdoor Lagos wedding venues? Well, it totally depends on you! As disappointing as that verdict may sound, there’s no universally accepted best choice. It all comes down to each individual or, in this case, each couple.

When making your choice, remember to check out the features to look out for in a Lagos wedding venue. Compare what type of venue will give you the most comfort, and consider the options you have. Our list of the best indoor and outdoor Lagos wedding venues will help you do so. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to book and get the venue ready for your big day.

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