The Ultimate Nigerian Wedding Showdown: A Comparison Between Yoruba Traditional and Lagos White Weddings

Comparing between Yoruba traditional and Lagos white weddings

Nigerian weddings are joyful events. But which is more fun: A Traditional or a White wedding? As a couple getting married soon, you have lots of decisions to make. But the decision to either have a traditional or white wedding is an important one that will determine several other aspects of your event.

So, if you were asked which you preferred, what would be your answer? Not sure yet? Well, don’t worry. In this post, I’ve prepared a full comparison between Yoruba traditional and Lagos white weddings to help you make the ultimate decision.

It compares both wedding types in terms of three common wedding traits. So, stick around and discover which would fit your dream event more.



The attire in Yoruba Traditional weddings plays a significant role in defining the event. It adds to the wedding’s aesthetic as a cultural ceremony.

In Yoruba weddings, the bride and groom’s attire are often made from the fabric known as Aso Oke. The bride dawns an iro (wrapper)and buba (top) along with a gele (head tie).

The groom’s material usually comes from the same fabric as the bride’s. He wears an agbada or dashiki along with a Fila (cap). As seen above, these cultural attires add to the theme and color of the wedding. It also helps give the groom and bride a unique look, unlike White weddings where a majority of those in attendance wear a suit and dress.

bride helping groom wear his cap (fila)
A couple wearing Aso Oke for their Yoruba traditional wedding


Speaking of Lagos white weddings, we’re all familiar with the bride’s white dress. After all, that’s why it’s called a white wedding. Unlike the Yoruba Traditional wedding, the white wedding attire adds to the modern look and feel of the ceremony.

While the bride wears a white dress, the groom wears a black tuxedo or suit of any color. The groomsmen and bridesmaids’ attire follows the same pattern. If you’ve always looked forward to wearing a dress on your big day, no doubt having a Lagos white wedding is the best choice.

wedding in benin
The wedding dress and suit add to the modern look of Lagos white weddings

The Ceremony

The ceremony is a top factor differentiating between Yoruba traditional and Lagos white weddings. As the name implies, Yoruba Traditional weddings take a more cultural and ceremonial approach than white weddings. It begins with the groom’s family arriving and sitting opposite the bride’s family.

Both families have a mini-introduction before the couple arrives. Once the bride enters, the groom pays her bride price and finalizes the ceremony. (For more details on the ceremony, check out our guide to Yoruba traditional weddings in Nigeria) Yoruba traditional marriages are usually accompanied by cultural music and prayers as an important part of the ceremony.

On the other hand, Lagos white weddings are more formal and modern. It involves the bride walking down the aisle to meet the groom. After which, the couple exchanges their vows and rings. Once that’s done, the reception and merriment can begin. Note that the bride price is usually paid before the wedding day arrives.

When it comes to the ceremony, many Nigerian couples would rather have a traditional wedding since it’s more lively. That said, most brides won’t want to miss the look of their groom when walking down the aisle.

The Reception Party

Yes, after the ceremony, comes the reception party. This is true for both Yoruba Traditional and Lagos white weddings. However, there are key differences to note between how these two reception types are held.

One difference is where the celebrations are held. For most white weddings, the reception occurs in a different location from the ceremony. On the other hand, traditional weddings have both ceremony and reception in one location.

What about the entertainment? As expected, Yoruba traditional weddings take a more cultural approach with live music, drumming, and dancing. As for Lagos white weddings, a DJ is hired to feed the audience with western-style music.

In terms of entertainment, most couples would opt for a white wedding. However, it’s crucial to note that the entertainment can be customized depending on the couple’s preference.

wedding photography in ibadan

Did you notice? I didn’t add an essential aspect common in all weddings – both White or Traditional – the food! Why did I omit that? Well, that’s because both types of Weddings don’t have a particular category of food attributed to them.

For instance, it’s perfectly normal to attend a white wedding and be served the local swallow and traditional soup, such as pounded yam and egusi. On the other hand, at traditional weddings, it’s not out of place to be served with the Nigerian jollof rice we all love.

Like the music, this is a similarity both Yoruba traditional and Lagos white weddings share. It depends on the couple’s choice. So, with all that said, which should you have – traditional or white?

Choosing Between Yoruba Traditional and White Weddings

wedding photography in ibadan

Just like your wedding venue, the decision on what type of wedding you should have rests on you – the couple. After all, it’s your big day. You should select the option that best suits what you’ve always dreamed of. As seen in this post, traditional weddings have a more cultural theme. On the other hand, Lagos white weddings give off a more modern vibe.

So, consider the points discussed in this post and identify which wedding suits you more. Once you’ve made your choice, feel free to contact us. Here at Ash Robin, we’ll help you document your big day, either in a traditional or modern look. It’s all your choice!

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