5 Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Vendors in Lagos

how to choose wedding vendors in Lagos

Your wedding draws ever closer, and you’ve already gotten started on the prep. You’ve made a list of vendors you’d like to hire for the wedding day. All that’s left is to do research and make your choice. But in doing so, you’ve already hit a roadblock – Which vendors should you choose?

Several wedding vendors in Lagos are capable of giving you the results you need for your occasion. And surprisingly, choosing between them is not easy. Even the endless results on search engines like Google only makes matter worse. In such situations, what do you do?

Not to worry, you’re on the right blog post. Here, I’ve prepared 5 basic yet effective tips for hiring the best wedding vendors in Lagos. In other words, these are factors you should look out for when choosing between several wedding vendors in Lagos. So, to kick off, let’s talk about reviews.

1.      Check Their Reviews

When deciding between two or more wedding vendors in Lagos, one way to narrow down the result is to consider their reputation. In other words, check their reviews. What do their past clients have to say about them? Depending on what is said, you can ascertain whether or not that vendor will suit you. But can you really trust online reviews?

While some brand reviews you find on the net might be a bit inaccurate, you can still ascertain the vendor’s level through those reviews. For example, does the vendor have more positive ratings than negative ones? If yes, then he might be worth your trial. And you can be sure there’ll be a lot more negative reviews if he’s not as skillful as appeared.

2.      Past Works

Checking the vendors’ portfolios is another way to gauge their skills. It allows you to see for yourself if they’re worth your try. After which, you can decide based on what you see, rather than what others say, as in the case of reviews.

3.      The Price and Your Budget

Another thing to note when hiring wedding vendors in Lagos is the vendor’s price. How much do their services cost? The answer to that question will inform you whether or not that vendor is for you. How? By comparing it with your budget.

As seen in our tips for Nigerian wedding planning, your budget always comes first. It’s the most crucial part of your wedding prep. It affects every other decision you make, including what vendors you go for. If the price of hiring a vendor is way out of your budget and unnegotiable, you know that it’s time to check the next person on the list.

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4.      Communication

You’ve decided on a vendor. You’ve checked out his reviews, portfolio, and pricing packages. What’s next? You need to develop a good flow of communication. After all, you’ll spend your entire wedding day with most of your vendors (such as your wedding photographer). To make yourself comfortable around them, you need to get to know each other.

To do that, if possible, make plans to meet each other in person before the big day arrives (even before hiring). This will also give you insight into the vendor’s personality and work style and ensure he’s able to bring your visions to life. Check out this article to gain insight into what questions to ask your wedding vendors in Lagos before booking.

5.      Prepare Alternatives

Though it’s last on this list, the first thing you have to do when booking wedding vendors in Lagos is to prepare alternatives. What do I mean by that? Simply put, make a list of different wedding vendors that you’d like to reach out to. Make a list of photographers, a list of makeup artists, a list of event planners, and so on.

After doing so, you can proceed to check the reviews and portfolios of the vendors on each list. If that particular vendor doesn’t suit you, check the next person on the list. Do that until you find a vendor who can bring your visions to life.

By having different options to choose from, you won’t feel the need to rush and settle for the first vendor you find. You’ll be able to conduct more adequate research to arrive at the best option.

BONUS TIP: Book Your Wedding Vendors ASAP!

Here’s our bonus tip – hire your vendors as early as you can. Waiting till the last minute is risky as the vendors you may have hoped to hire might already be booked. And when you book on time, you give your wedding vendors in Lagos more time on their hands to prepare for your big day and deliver their best.

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Book your wedding vendors in Lagos early for maximum results!

Choose the Right Wedding Vendors in Lagos!

In simple terms, the secret to hiring the best wedding vendors in Lagos is to book early and make adequate research. When it comes to the latter, the five tips discussed in this post will help you if applied right.

For more tips on how to properly prepare for your big day, check out our blog.

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