Here Are the Ultimate Pros and Cons of Having A Wedding in Lagos

wedding in lagos

Should you have your wedding in Lagos? Believe it or not, this is a question many couples today are faced with. Regardless of whether or not they live in the city, couples today contemplate if they can have a destination or local wedding in Lagos. And to be honest, that’s not surprising.

After all, Lagos is the most famous city in the country. It hosts many stunning wedding venues and vendors that’ll help on your big day. But that’s not all. In this post, I’ve covered the main pros and cons of having a wedding in Lagos.

Pros of Lagos Weddings

1.      Variety of Wedding Venues

As I mentioned earlier, Lagos is home to many stunning venues. From comfy indoor venues in Ikeja to photogenic outdoor venues in Lekki, Lagos has the Venues that can bring your dream wedding to life. Yes, with these venues – and the right photographer, you can get access to mind-blowing photos that perfectly document your day.

And not just that. You can also find venues that will suit your budget and wedding type. So, if you want to hold your wedding in one of the most beautiful venues in the country, and want several choices to choose from, you may want to consider having a wedding in Lagos.

2.      Accommodation Options

If you’re coming from outside Lagos to get married, you’ll need suitable accommodations for yourself and your guests. The same applies if you’re getting married in another part of the city. But this is not a cause for worry as Lagos has a wide range of accommodations ready throughout the city.

It is filled with several top-notch hotels offering luxurious amenities, such as spas, swimming pools, and the like. You can also get access to budget-friendly hotels and guesthouse that provides a comfy environment for your guests during the period of their stay. Yes, you don’t have to worry about accommodation when you decide to have a wedding in Lagos.

3.      Home to Skilled Vendors

bride getting makeup done at her traditional marriage in ibadan

You can’t have a great wedding without getting the services of professional wedding vendors. Well, that’s except you can bake your cake, design your dress, sew your suit, decorate your venue, and take images of your day. We all know that’s not possible. And if by a slim chance, you have all the skills needed to pull off your wedding, how do you do all that and still enjoy your ceremony?

So basically, without vendors, you can’t pull off your wedding. How does this affect Lagos weddings? Well, Lagos is home to lots of professional vendors. If you decide to get married in the city, you don’t need to worry about your vendors’ transportation and accommodation. You’ll be able to get access to all the vendors you’ll need on your big day.

These are only a few benefits of choosing a Lagos wedding. But before you decide, it’s essential you also consider its downsides. By doing so, you can determine whether having a wedding in Lagos is for you. So, without delay, here are the major cons of Lagos weddings.

Cons of Lagos Weddings

1.      Traffic

For those living in Lagos, the traffic situation is no news. It’s very common to spend hours in a hold-up on your local roads, not to talk of major expressways. This is one of, if not the major downside to this city. And it can be a cause for headaches if you’re planning to get married there.

And this is especially so if you’re having a destination wedding in Lagos (Destination weddings are weddings held outside your hometown or city – usually in a place you’re not too familiar with). When having a destination wedding in Lagos, you’ll need to get help from someone who can navigate the city’s traffic and get your guest to their accommodations safely.

2.      Relatively Expensive

Here’s another downside to Lagos weddings – high cost. When compared to small towns and cities, the cost of having a wedding in Lagos is higher. The cost of hiring vendors and booking a venue may double or triple in amount in comparison to other cities.

And that’s why having a budget and sticking closely to it is necessary. However, when creating your budget, you’ll need to be realistic. While the cost of Lagos weddings may be higher, getting married in this city offers a whole new experience. And when considering the high cost of living, these prices are to be expected.

Conclusion: Should You Have Your Wedding in Lagos?

lagos civil wedding party radisson blu

So, with all said and done, should you have your wedding in Lagos city? Well, like every other wedding decision, it depends on you. As we’ve seen in this article, Lagos weddings have their pros and cons. And in my personal opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

After all, the traffic in Lagos is not unbeatable, and you can easily negotiate with your wedding vendors. The picturesque scenery of Lagos wedding venues and skilled professionals are too good to miss out on.

Once you’ve weighed all the factors involved in having a wedding in Lagos and made your decision, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to capture the memories of your special day, whether it’s in Lagos or elsewhere.

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