9 must-have Lagos wedding vendors

Choosing the best Lagos wedding vendors

Have you gotten started on your wedding day prep? If so, you’ll need to make a list of Lagos wedding vendors to hire. Why? Simply put – no wedding can function properly without the vendors working in the background to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Well, that’s no news. But deciding on which vendors to hire is where some couples run into issues. Not to worry, by reading this post, you won’t go through that. Here, I’ve highlighted the 9 must-have Lagos wedding vendors for your big day. And these include:

The 9 Top Lagos Wedding Vendors for Your Big Day

  1. Wedding Photographer
  2. Wedding Suit Designers
  3. Wedding Dress Designers
  4. Makeup Artists
  5. Wedding Venues
  6. Engagement Ring Stores
  7. Wedding Cake Shops
  8. Wedding Videographer
  9. Wedding Planner

At first glance, it’s pretty obvious why these vendors mentioned above are essential to Lagos weddings. But to further help you, here’s a detailed overview of these vendors to aid your decision on whether or not you need their services at your Lagos wedding.

1.    Lagos Wedding Photographer

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Ok, imagine for a sec that your wedding day arrived, and it was 100% perfect. The décor, the lighting, the cakes, the dancing, and everything else went beyond your expectations. Yes, you had the best day of your life, but with a handicap – there was no photographer present.

That would be kind of sad, wouldn’t it? After you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money in planning your event, you’ll have nothing to look back on. And what’s worse, with nothing to remind you, the event’s details (décor, venue, lighting, and the like) may easily be forgotten by your guests and even yourself.

And that’s why you need a Lagos wedding photographer. As one of, if not the most important Lagos wedding vendors, your photographer will provide you with wedding photos telling the story of your day. These photos will help to preserve the memories of your big day. So, this vendor is a must-have and deserves the spot of number one on this list.

2.    Wedding Suit Designers

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The suit and white dress define the wedding

Are you having a white wedding? If so, this wedding vendor is a must-hire. After all, your event won’t look complete without the groom’s suit. It’s one factor that defines the classic white wedding we all know. It gives the wedding a more modernized look and feels. So, if that’s what you want for your big day, a Lagos wedding suit designer is needed.

3.    Wedding Dress Designers

More iconic than the wedding suit is the bride’s white wedding dress. No doubt you’ll agree with me on that. As a bride, nothing feels better than exchanging your vows and rings and having your first dance in the white dress.

Fortunately, there are tons of Lagos wedding dress designers out there with the skill to give you the dress you’ve always dreamed of.

4.    Makeup Artists

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You’ve got your dress? What’s next? Of course, you have to get your makeup done. But is getting a professional for this really necessary? After all, you’ve always done your makeup yourself till now, right?

Well, your wedding is a special day. And because of that, many brides would choose to get a professional makeup artist to give them a look they’ll always want to look back on in their wedding photos. Like wedding dress designers, you can get access to lots of top makeup artists in Lagos.

5.    Lagos Wedding Venues

Your wedding can’t take place without a venue. But should you choose just any location to hold your event? Of course not. Before you choose your wedding venue, you’ll need to consider many factors first (Check out this post on what to look out for in a Lagos wedding venue). You’ll have to decide between indoor and outdoor venues as they each have their pros and cons.

6.    Engagement Ring Shops

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Rings are another vital aspect of weddings, this time in general – not just white weddings. So, there’s no way around buying one. Yes, this is a mandatory vendor you’ll need to visit before the big day.

7.    Wedding Cake Shops

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Obviously, no wedding is complete without the cake. It’s another part of the day that couples look forward to. As such, your cake provider is another crucial vendor – one that works to add a scrumptious experience to your Lagos wedding.

8.    Lagos Wedding Videographer

You’re getting a photographer to cover your wedding. Should you still hire a videographer? Of course. One misconception out there is that both vendors play the same role. Is that true? While they have the same goal of documenting your day, their tools, products, and approach varies.

Your photographer will capture your favorite moments and your videographer will film them. Since both photos and videos offer unique experiences, it’s worth considering a videographer in addition to your wedding photographer.

9.    Lagos Wedding Planner

Down to the last vendor in our list of no set order, should you get a wedding planner? While it’s possible to plan a wedding with no professional planner, it is difficult. And that’s the fact. Your wedding planner will help you save time, effort, and even cost.

That said, if you still decide to plan a wedding without the aid of a professional, you’ll need help from our wedding planning checklist.

Concluding Our List of the Best Lagos Wedding Vendors

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Choose the Right Lagos wedding vendors and enjoy your day to the full!

Nigerian weddings are considered to be stressful events. And that’s because of the large number of tasks that must be completed before, during, and after the day. With so many tasks to complete, it can be even more stressful if you decide not to hire one or more vendors, let alone skip them all.

The 9 Lagos wedding vendors discussed in this post all offer services essential for your wedding to run smoothly.

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