Should you have a destination wedding in Lagos?

Should you have a destination wedding in Lagos?

Have you heard of destination weddings? In recent years, they’ve become a trend among couples. But what is it? Simply put, destination weddings are those that involve you traveling out of your local vicinity (to other towns, cities, countries, etc.) to get married.

But here’s the question – why have a destination wedding in Lagos? As we’ve seen in the past, Lagos weddings have a lot of pros and cons. And that’s only fitting as one of the most famous cities in Africa.

In this post, I’ll discuss some additional pros and cons to help you when deciding whether to have a destination wedding in Lagos. So, down to the chase:

Pros of Lagos Destination Weddings

1.      It offers a whole new experience

You may wonder: “why do couples even bother travelling to unfamiliar locations to hold their wedding?” One key reason is the experience it offers. As you know, your wedding is and will be one of the best days of your life. So, why spend that day in your local vicinity when you can make it more memorable?

If you’ve been to the city of Lagos before, you may decide to hold your ceremony in a place that has a special meaning to you and your partner. And if not, you can also decide to go for the new experience.

Lagos has all the vendors and venues that’ll you need to complete your ceremony. And when it comes to the scenery, it’s outstanding. That brings us to the second benefit of having a destination wedding in Lagos – stunning scenery.

2.      Stunning scenery

Are you down for making unique memories and gaining new experiences at your wedding? If so, why not go a step further and get the best possible photos while you’re at it. Lagos is home to many beach resorts and garden venues that offers natural and stunning backdrops for your pictures.

Since every couple wants their photos to be top-notch, it’s not surprising that this is another major reason they decide to have a destination wedding. But that’s not all. These serene locations will also help you relax and savor the experience of your wedding day.

3.      It gives you a change of pace

A destination wedding in Lagos, as seen earlier, offers the unique experience couples need to break away from the monotony of their daily lives. But this doesn’t just apply to couples. It also applies to the guests who are willing to travel for the fun and experience. Yes, a destination wedding creates a similar atmosphere to having a vacation.

Comparing between Yoruba traditional and Lagos white weddings

There are much more benefits of Lagos destination weddings. For one, it helps you trim down your guest list and save costs. As I mentioned earlier, destination weddings are fun trips for those willing to travel.

As there are many pros to a destination wedding in Lagos, there are downsides to note. The major one, however, is seen below.

Downsides of Lagos Destination Weddings

Unfamiliar location

While it’s fun and lively to have your wedding in a new location, the fact remains that you don’t know much about the location. And that’s the major downside of destination weddings, in general, and not just Lagos.

In Lagos, there are several factors to be worried about. From its heavy traffic to high transportation costs, you can get easily frustrated if you’re not well-prepared. So, if you’d like to play it safe, a local wedding in your hometown may be best for you. (Especially if you’ve never visited Lagos before)

Is it Worth Having a Destination Wedding in Lagos?

wedding in ibadan

Having a Lagos destination wedding is fun and exciting. And what’s more, its downsides can easily be managed with proper planning. Also, note that the downside discussed in this post only applies to those who have no prior knowledge of the city. If you’ve visited Lagos before, you’ll be better at avoiding some of the problems in the city.

So, with that said, should you have a destination wedding in Lagos? The decision is yours! Make proper plans and contact vendors who are familiar with the city. Here at Ash Robin, we’re ready to welcome you to Lagos and play the role of delivering your stunning photographs.

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