5 tips to help you buy the best engagement ring in Lagos

exchange of an engagement ring in Lagos at a nigerian wedding

Of course, a wedding ceremony can’t be complete without the engagement rings. It plays a vital role before (during the engagement), during (when it’s exchanged at the ceremony), and after the wedding. As such, it is no wonder why couples take their time choosing the best engagement ring in Lagos alongside other wedding prep.

And fortunately, Lagos is home to some of the best engagement ring shops. That said, what should you look out for when buying an engagement ring in Lagos? In this post, I’ll share the results of my research, providing you with five helpful tips.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring in Lagos

  1. Size of the ring
  2. Consider your budget
  3. Style and shape of the ring
  4. Consider several options
  5. Get expert advice

1.      Size of the ring

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Of course, before you begin your ring-buying journey, you’ll need to obtain your partner’s ring size. After all, you wouldn’t want to go through all the stress involved in purchasing the ring, only to get the fitting wrong. You can always resize, but that’s extra time that you can use for something else. So how do you get your partner’s ring size?

That’s easy – you can just ask for it. However, if you wouldn’t want to take the straightforward route and risk ruining your surprise, you can ask one of her family or friends.

Or better still, getting one of your partner’s rings would do the trick. Either way, before you head to that ring shop, ensure you’ve obtained her ring size.

2.      Consider your budget

You’ve got the ring size and are ready to consider some options. Wait a sec! Your budget also matters here. But how do you create an engagement ring budget (especially if you know nothing about rings in the first place)? Well, there’s no set pattern to follow. You only need to keep your financial capabilities and your partner in mind.

Has your partner ever voiced her preferences when it comes to rings? If so, can you afford it? These are basic questions that can help you decide on a price for the ring. And above all, while you may want to minimize costs, be realistic with your budget. Engagement rings can be pricey.

3.      Style and Shape of the Ring

By this third step, it’s easy to get lost. And all the more so considering you’ve never glanced twice at a sale ring before. But even so, you need to get the style and shape of a ring that perfectly fits your partner’s personality. How?

Ok, forget about the ‘personality’ part. That just makes it all the more complex. Instead, find out your partner’s preferences concerning the ring style. For instance, what would your partner prefer: a modern or classic ring? What kind of stone would suit her best: emerald, sapphire, or diamond? (Find more about ring gemstones here)

And when it comes to the shape of the ring, you’ll have to choose something that fits the style. Also, when buying an engagement ring in Lagos, you want to keep your eyes open for its quality. You don’t have to be a ring expert for this. One good look at the ring and you may be able to tell if the quality is poor. However, check out this article for more info on what makes a quality ring.

4.      Consider several options

You now know what you want to get. What next? Consider various options that fit that criteria. Sometimes, the best engagement rings are hard to find. You just need to keep looking till you find the one. You can also choose to get a custom ring made for your partner that meets all the criteria you’re looking for in an engagement ring in Lagos.

5.      Get expert advice

Not everyone is a ring expert. And because of that, it may seem difficult to search for the right ring since you don’t know what you should be looking out for. That said, it’s still 100% possible to choose the perfect ring for your partner. One way to do that is by getting advice from the ring experts.

As seen earlier, Lagos is home to some of the best ring shops. You can find ring experts ready to give you professional tips and suggestions at many of these stores. So, after carefully selecting a trustworthy engagement ring store, you can pay a visit to them. You can then compare their info with that of reliable sources on the web. Doing this will help you make a well-informed decision.

Purchase the Best Engagement Ring in Lagos!

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Enjoy your wedding day with the right engagement ring in Lagos!

Before this post, you may have thought buying an engagement ring for your future bride is child’s play. However, it involves putting more effort than simply walking into a store and coming out with the most attractive or expensive ring on display. Yes, oftentimes, the best engagement rings are not the most expensive ones.

And that’s why this post gives you five tips you don’t want to overlook. By paying attention to the size, shape, and style, you can get a ring that fits your partner in every way.

And sticking to a realistic budget will help you avoid overspending. And by visiting the right ring vendor, you can get workable tips from the pros. The ring is a vital part of your wedding and you no doubt want to get it right.

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