The 21 best wedding photographers in Lagos

a wedding photographer in lagos takes a portrait of a couple

Who are the best wedding photographers in Lagos? If you’re about to get married, then you surely want an answer to this question. After all, the wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you’ll need for your big day.

Well, you know that, don’t you? We’re not here to bore you with obvious details on why a photographer is needed. Instead, this article will shift its focus to answering the above question. Yes, this is our list of the top 21 wedding photographers in Lagos.

Top 21 Wedding Photographers in Lagos

  1. Ash Robin
  2. Felix Crown
  3. Klala Photography
  4. Blawz Studios
  5. Big Views
  6. Lumi Morgan
  7. Olanrewaju Ali
  8. Awgzzz
  9. Rare Magic Photography
  10. Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography
  11. Tonydoo Visuals Studios
  12. Detrix Studios
  13. Aina Fisayomi Photography
  14. Danny Perfections
  15. Lufemi Photography Studios
  16. Shina Amusan Photography
  17. Jean-fidèle Ananou
  18. Ibeh Jasper Studios
  19. IbetoMedia Photography
  20. Sottu Photography
  21. Life Image Photography

1.    Ash Robin

Ash Robin Photography aims to capture the love story of couples through the use of high-quality and accurate photography. Its lead photographer makes use of documentary wedding photography – a style that gives you complete freedom on your big day.

You won’t be interrupted just to get captured (well, except during portrait sessions). But you’ll still get access to the full story of your wedding day from the bride’s father’s tears to the groom on the dance floor (So start practicing your moves).

smiling couple on their wedding day
photo by Ash Robin Photography

We want you to look back at your wedding photos and feel the way you felt on your wedding day, but without the stress this time.” – Ash Robin Photography

You can check out Ash Robin’s weddings here and make contact for an inquiry.

2.    Felix Crown

Felix Crown is another top photographer you’ll meet in Lagos state. Driven by a passion for photography, he has established himself in the Nigerian photography community. If you’re familiar with the industry, you may have even heard of his Africa choice awards achievement.

You can check out his Instagram page here at felixcrown.

3.    Klala Photography

Here’s another photography bigshot – Klala. I won’t bore you by telling you his history or stuff like that. Check his IG page out and determine from his photograph why he’s one of the best in Lagos.

4.    B.lawz Studios

Blawz Studio is another pro when it comes to photography. And of course, one of their specialties is wedding photography. As a top brand, they’re obviously worth checking out.

5.    Big Views

Living up to his name, Big Views is a big Lagos wedding photography brand. They’ve got great images you won’t want to overlook. You can see these photos at Bigviews on Instagram. So, check them out to make your decision.

6.    Lumi Morgan

Looking for experience? Then Lumi Morgan might be a good option. After all, he’s been in the industry for more than ten years. And now he’s partnered up with his wife under the brand “Morgan Studios. This photography husband and wife duo aim to tell your wedding story.

Feel free to also visit Lumi Morgan’s IG page.

7.    Olanrewaju Ali

Olanrewaju Ali is another photographer who’s particularly interested in capturing wedding stories. You can reach out to him via his website:

8.    Awgzzz

A unique brand name offers you a unique experience at Awgzzz. He’s a pro at what he does – shooting wedding events.

Check out his IG page at Awgzzz.

wedding in benin
photo by Ash Robin Photography

9.    Rare Magic Photography

Oluseyi Magic the founder of Rare Magic Photography is someone who’s got not just the experience but the motivation to document the precious wedding stories of couples.

You can get more info regarding them and also contact them here.

10.    Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography

Emmanuel Oyeleke, among other photography services, is experienced in wedding photography. Check out his wedding portfolio and contact him to see if he’s the right photographer for you.

11.    Tonydoo Visuals

Tonydoo is a creative team of programmers, IT experts, and designers. “What? Why are they here then?” Don’t worry their team also consists of professional photographers.

“Wedding photography to us is to witness your beautiful story and capture it with its true essence.” – Tonydoo Visuals

If you’d like to work with them, contact them here.

12.    Detrix Studios

Detrix is a top photography brand aiming to cover your day through cinematic storytelling. On their IG page, you can view their works and determine if they’re perfect for you.

13.    Aina Fisayomi

The images Aina Fisayomi offers to couples are something you don’t want to overlook. Check them out at

14.    Danny Perfections

Behind the camera at Danny Perfections is a group of Lagos portrait and wedding photographers aiming to give you a perfect wedding experience through photos.

15.    Lufemi Photography Studios

Lufemi Photography Studios takes pride in its flexibility and versatility when delivering clients with photos that meet up to their expectations.

16.    Shina Amusan Photography

Here’s another photographer specializing in the documentary art of storytelling.

“My main aim is to capture the power of emotions, relationships and to let your day be your day.” – Shina Amusan

Check out his work by clicking on the above link.

17.    Jean-fidèle Ananou

wedding in badagry
photo by Ash Robin Photography

Jean-fidèle or otherwise known as Jfp Studios is another top wedding photographer capable of giving you the wedding photos you’ve always desired.

Other Notable Mentions…

18.  Ibeh Jasper Studios

Visit their IG page at

19.  IbetoMedia Photography

Like others on the list, these guys want to tell your story and leave you with a memorable experience. Check out their business site to make your choice.

20.  Sottu Photography

Another great set of wedding photography images is offered here at sottuphotography.

21.  Life Image Photography

These guys are ready to create a lasting memory with you through photos.

Wrapping Up our List of the Best Wedding Photographers in Lagos

how to choose wedding vendors in Lagos
photo by Ash Robin Photography

There are several wedding photographers in Lagos. And that’s why finding the right ones can prove challenging at times. Also, that’s why we’ve made this list to help you narrow down your search and choose the photographer capable of bringing your vision to life.

“But I’m not based in Lagos.” Is that what you’re thinking? Well, these photographers highlighted above are always ready to travel to your wedding location whether it’s within or out of the city.

If that’s not enough, stay tuned as we’re already working on a bigger list of wedding photographers, this time covering the 36 states in the country. So, see you soon…

P.S. If you need more info concerning anything wedding photography, feel free to check out our homepage.

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