4 Ideal Tips To Get The Best Pre-Wedding Pictures In Nigeria

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Many couples nowadays have a shoot to take pre-wedding pictures before their big day. In Nigeria, these pictures are then usually used to print banners, for gift items, and as part of the decorations on the main wedding day.

If you’re newly engaged and are planning one, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to get beautiful pre-wedding pictures. Before we get to that, however, we’d like to assume that you’ve already taken care of the 3 vendors you need for your pre-wedding shoot.

Once you’ve arranged these and you’ve set a date and time that works for everyone, you can start looking forward to your shoot. Let’s get right into our 4 ideal tips to get the best pre-wedding pictures.

couple pre wedding in ikeja, lagos, nigeria

How to Get Beautiful Pre Wedding Pictures

Number of Outfits

How many outfits do you need for a pre-wedding shoot? There’s no right answer to that, but always remember that less is more. Having a few outfit changes keeps the shoot fun and keeps your energy high. This will make you get better pictures. Imagine if you’re changing into like 7 outfits. You’ll get tired and this will show in your pre-wedding pictures. In fact, your photographer will most likely lose creativity and start repeating poses so you can get through all your outfits. So keep it light and simple. We recommend our couples to go for 3 outfits or less. And if you really want to shoot 7 outfits, then do it on separate days for the best results.

Start on Time

Starting a shoot on time just brings good vibes. It allows you the time to settle and grow into the shoot, thereby giving you better pre-wedding pictures. This is because you and your photographer can get to a level you’re both comfortable with. In most cases, many couples get to work with their photographer for the first time during the pre-wedding shoot. This means that there might be a few nerves at first, but if you start on time, you’ll get familiar with each other. This is good preparation for your wedding day where you’ll have limited time to work with and create magic.

Be Open-minded

You may have prepared a couple of poses from sites like Bellanaija beforehand and shared them with your photographer. That’s all good and you should always feel free to tell your photographer if you’ve got something, but let it go both ways. Be open-minded. If your photographer has a creative idea they’d like to try, don’t be quick to thrash it especially when it’s something not common. Go on a creative journey. You might just be setting the newest trend in town without knowing it.

couple pre-wedding picture in ikeja, lagos, nigeria
Be open-minded; you just might get some creative pictures you don’t expect

Have Fun!

We can’t say this enough. If you’re having fun, your pre-wedding pictures will be great. When your photographer asks you to smile, it won’t be the same smile you’ll put out if you are sincerely having a great time and enjoying yourselves. So, have fun. Let your photographer know beforehand the type of songs you like if you’re shooting in a place that allows you to play music, of course. Or bring a bottle of wine if that will help you relax. Your pictures will be better for it. Besides you get the chance to hang out with the love of your life, all dressed up. Go on a date after the shoot and enjoy yourselves.

Now You Can Have Beautiful Pre Wedding Pictures in Nigeria

couple pre wedding in ikeja, lagos, nigeria

Your pre-wedding shoot is important. You get the chance to work with your wedding photographer before your big day. You get the chance to have a bonus date with the love of your life. A day to have fun. Lastly, you get beautiful pictures to document your love.

So make the most of this opportunity. Don’t prepare so many outfits, start on time, be open-minded and go on a creative journey. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself. If you do all these, your pre-wedding pictures will definitely come out great.

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer in Nigeria, feel free to check out our work.

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