5 Ultimate Ways To Select The Right Lagos Wedding Photographer

nigerian couple in kogi at their wedding

Lagos weddings are fantastic. Weddings, in general, are great, but a Lagos wedding is the best. This city seems to come alive when it comes to parties and celebrations, and for weddings, everyone brings their A-game.

From beautiful decorations to the various fun and games segments you see at reception, the standard keeps getting better. In fact, you can be getting married in Lagos and not even be aware of all the different segments at your own wedding. That is why you need a Lagos wedding photographer. Someone who will capture your event fully so you can experience it again and again.

Finding a good Lagos wedding photographer isn’t easy. How do you pick one out of the many? How do you find the best one for you with the different price lists they have? What do you look for in a photographer in Lagos?

Choosing the Right Lagos Wedding Photographer

  • Word of Mouth
    Did you recently attend a wedding? Who was the wedding photographer? Word-of-mouth recommendations go a long way because you get to find out if a wedding photographer in Lagos did a great job. You can ask your married friends if they loved the service they receive. Not just the pictures, but the entire service offered. This is important because you need a photographer who offers a great experience, not just beautiful images. You need to be comfortable and have fun on your wedding day.
  • Check Online
    If you are not happy with the recommendations you get, you can always find photographers on search engines. A quick Google search for Lagos wedding photographers will bring up a whole list. Look for those who have positive reviews and are registered on Google my business.
  • Get your photographer first
    Don’t let your photographer be the last vendor you get. This is the most important wedding vendor on your day. Your photographer is the only vendor that will work before, during, and after your wedding. So start looking for your photographer as soon as you get engaged.
    Besides, if you wait too long, the person you want might get booked. If your wedding falls on or before a major holiday, chances are high that you are not the only one getting married that weekend. So, the earlier the better.
  • Check the website
    It is important to check the website of your wedding photographer. Look at the pictures on the site (check out the full galleries as well). Read the message. Does the photographer have a style you like? Is this someone you will like to work with? Don’t just focus on the site design. Choose a photographer whose style and message you agree with.
groom laughing with his groomsmen at a wedding reception by lagos wedding photographer
Choose a wedding photographer that has a style you like
  • Price
    A Lagos wedding photographer isn’t cheap. Even though many couples use price as a major factor in choosing a wedding photographer, you must go for top quality. Look at the pictures. Are they of high quality? Don’t go for the cheapest. Choose the best photographer within your budget.


guests dancing at a nigerian wedding
Don’t wait till the last minute to book your wedding photographer in Lagos

Selecting a Lagos wedding photographer is not an easy task. There are so many in the city. That is why it’s important to get recommendations from friends. Use the internet to check them out.

Check out the websites, look at their pictures, and see if you like the photographer’s style. When it comes to pricing, choose the best quality within your budget, not the cheapest photographer.

Lastly, don’t wait till your wedding is near before getting a photographer. Start searching as soon as you get engaged and book one immediately.

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