Here’s The Only Wedding Photographer in Lagos You Need At Your Wedding

couple pre wedding in ikeja, lagos, nigeria

I admit that might be a bit misleading because there’s more than one great wedding photographer in Lagos. So let me rephrase: this article is about the only wedding photographer in Lagos you need if you’re someone who values the moments on a wedding day. That is what Ash Robin Photography is about.

Let me start by saying that weddings are predictable events. Every photographer in Lagos knows that they usually begin with preparation by the bride and groom, portraits, the ceremony, and the reception. The moments and how each couple experiences their event are what’s not predictable. That is what makes weddings interesting and why we value these moments so much.

Why do people want wedding photography for their big day?

When people in love are getting married, they usually get a photographer for one, more or all of the following reasons:

  1. To get beautiful portraits that they can print, decorate the walls of their new home with and show that they are married
  2. To document their day so they can remember what happened through the pictures and perhaps show their future kids what their wedding day looked like
  3. In many parts of the world, especially in Nigeria, weddings are major social events, so many couples opt for a photographer so that they can have professional pictures for the gram, TikTok, and whatever else is trending.

If you agree with at least one of the following reasons above, then Ash Robin Photography is for you. We offer a photography experience based on telling your story as it naturally happens. We provide print options for your wall frames and photobooks and give you high-quality pictures for your social media.

Of course, any other photographer in Lagos could provide all these, so what makes us different?

Why Ash Robin?

The first thing you should know about us is that we don’t pose you. Now I can almost hear you saying: “But I need someone to tell me when to smile so that my pictures will be fine?” No, you don’t. Here’s why we don’t pose:

Weddings are naturally joyful occasions so chances are high that you’re having a great time getting married to the love of your life in the presence of your family and friends. With that good energy everywhere, you’ll definitely crack a smile many times during the day. In fact, you’ll experience a range of emotions throughout the day that we absolutely want to capture and show you after a few weeks. These other emotions would be interrupted if we asked you to smile for every picture so we just don’t.  

We believe that love is also shown through other emotions other than smiles and laughter, so we usually just read the energy of the room and capture that.

dancefloor moment taken by wedding photographer in Lagos - Ash Robin
We love shooting through moments, especially on the dancefloor

We will, though, give you directions when we take your portraits so we can get the best possible outcome for those images.

Something else to note about us is that we deliver a high number of pictures on a wedding day compared to other wedding photographers. We do this because our goal at every wedding is to tell your love story and we believe the best way to achieve this is by simply doing our jobs of taking photographs of all that is happening.

This large number of pictures we deliver does mean that we take some time editing them so we can deliver pictures that we are proud of and you can be proud of also. We give out a ‘sneak peek’ of about 15-30 pictures some days after your wedding so you can post online and share with family and friends. The final online gallery gets delivered within 4 weeks of your wedding depending on several factors such as wedding size, days of events, and so on. The printed album and frames then finally get delivered to you between 8-10 weeks.

couple pre wedding in ikeja, lagos, nigeria
We love creating artistic images on location as well


Photographers attend weddings all the time and may come to find them boring and take things for granted. However, it is a special and unique event for couples and so we should treat it as such. New Ace Media once said that to me and I find that to be very true. Weddings are special events for couples and their loved ones and keeping that in mind helps us as photographers to work hard in delivering a great experience for our couples.

There is more than one good wedding photographer in Lagos, but not many give priority to the little things that make weddings awesome. At Ash Robin, we won’t pose you except during portraits, we take so many pictures of the moments and we work with a mindset of letting our couples have fun on their day while trying to creatively capture the beauty and soul of the event. If that sounds good to you, contact us and we’ll start charging our batteries for a beautiful day of storytelling.

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