Should You Hire A Second Photographer For Your Wedding?

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As a couple, there are various things to consider when hiring your photographer. And no doubt, one of such things includes whether to hire a second photographer for your wedding. But you may wonder if there’s any need for doing so.

Well, I had the opportunity of having a live meeting on Instagram with Meg Silva Photography recently. We discussed several reasons for hiring a second photographer for your big day. So, why should you hire a second photographer for your wedding?

Why You Should Hire a Second Photographer for your Wedding

Here are three reasons for doing so.

1. Different Locations for Wedding Preparation

Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons for getting a second shooter. Your wedding preparation is a big part of your day. And without it, your wedding story won’t be complete. Thus, your photographer is tasked with covering both the bride’s and groom’s prep. 

However, this proves challenging when both the groom and bride are getting ready in different locations at the same time. Of course, your photographer can’t be in both places at once. Hence, getting a second photographer will really help. While your one photographer covers the bride’s prep, your second photographer can cover the groom’s. By so doing, you can be confident that’ll you get the complete story of your big day.

2. More Moments

The main photographer is mostly focused on the couple throughout the entire day. And that’s a fact. But as a couple, no doubt you would also want photos of your guests at various parts of the day. From walking down the aisle to the flower toss, you want to see the reaction of your friends and family. And that’s only natural. They are a vital part of your wedding story. 

However, this is physically challenging when you only have one photographer covering your wedding day. He/she may not be able to capture your guests’ reactions as well as yours at the same time. And that’s why you need a second shooter. 

In addition to capturing the guests, a second shooter can help cover minute details like the wedding decor. Of course, this may not be your priority. However, having these pictures helps to further enhance your wedding story.

With the aid of a second shooter, you can get to see moments of your wedding you didn’t even know were happening. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of having more photos. 

3. Size of the wedding

When deciding on getting a second photographer, the size of your wedding party matters a lot. For instance, say you have over a hundred and fifty guests. And it’s time for group photos. Coordinating such a large crowd won’t be a piece of cake for only one photographer.

Having a second hand there to help will be worth a lot. It helps to save time. Also, it reduces stress for both you, your guests, and your photographers. 

Tips on How to Be An Effective Second Shooter

As a photographer, you may wonder what it takes to be an effective second shooter. Not to worry, as discussed in the IG live call, here are 3 tips on how to be an effective second photographer.

  • Assist the main photographer

As a second shooter, your primary job is to assist the main photographer during your client’s big day. From calling combinations during group photos to taking candid photos of guests, you can add more value to telling the couple’s wedding story. But while doing all this, ensure you don’t interrupt the work of the main photographer in any way. 

  • Go freestyle

A second photographer is less pressured than the main. And that’s one fact. This implies that you have more time on your hands. So while the main photographer is taking the expected shots, you can go freestyle and be creative.

You may be at a better angle to capture a certain moment. Or you may even capture events that the main photographer isn’t aware of. Who knows? Some of those photos may be just what is needed to complete the couple’s day.

low angled shot of a bridebride serving her husband a drink
Freestyle shot from a second shooter at a wedding
  • Do BTS (Behind The Scenes)

As a photographer, it is no news that BTS goes a long way in building your brand. That being said, it is one factor that many photographers forget during the big day. And that’s no wonder. After all, you’ll be busy throughout the entire occasion.

But as a second shooter, you can take the initiative to do a BTS video or image of the main photographer. Of course, it isn’t mandatory. After all, no one will ask for it since everyone will be super-focused on the couple. But when you do so, you’re adding a lot of value to the main in ways you may not realize. And above all, it helps you to grow as a photographer.

Bottom Line

So, back to our question – should you hire a second photographer for your wedding? Yes! Considering the factors discussed in this article, a second shooter will go a long way to improve the quality and quantity of images you’ll receive. 

For those interested in watching the replay of the IG call, you can do so by clicking here. Feel free to also check out some of our other wedding planning articles.

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