Lagos Couples Hiring a Wedding Photographer: See The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make and How You Can Avoid Them

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Your wedding pictures are the one thing you get to see after your wedding. You’ll see or use the food, drinks, decor, games, and dress before or during your wedding. So, you must take great care when hiring a wedding photographer. There are some common mistakes we see Lagos couples make during this process. So we decided to put out these to ensure you avoid them to make your wedding planning process easier. After all, planning an event in Lagos is not an easy task.

The Mistakes Couples Make When Looking For a Wedding Photographer in Lagos

1. Not Booking On Time

Many couples wait last minute to book their photographers and this is a big problem. Your photographer should be one of the first vendors you get for your wedding. This is especially true if you already have a wedding photographer in mind. Waiting too long before you contact this person may mean that he or she is already booked for your date. After all, there are only about 52 weeks in a year.

Finding a wedding photographer in Lagos for an event towards the end of the year is difficult. This is because people who stay abroad come home during this time. So there are lots of weddings organized to make sure everyone is present. It’s best to book your wedding photographer as soon as you fix your date. If you’re willing to adjust the wedding date, you can even book your photographer before you fix the date.

2. Not meeting your wedding photographer before the wedding day

Your photographer is one person who you’ll spend a lot of time with at your wedding. Other than your spouse, of course. And many couples in Lagos don’t even get to meet their wedding photographer until the wedding day. This can affect your images. How? Your wedding pictures will look better when you’re relaxed. But it’s hard to relax when you’re meeting the photographer for the first time on the wedding day.

If you’re working with a photography studio in Lagos, there’ll be other photographers. And you may not have met the exact person who’ll be at your wedding. It is always a good idea to meet with your photographer before the wedding day either in person or over the internet. Ask to also meet the exact photographer who will be at your event.

3. Not getting a wedding contract

A wedding contract is a legal document that protects you. This contains the agreement between you and your photographer. Things like the services you want, the deadlines, the cost, stuff like that. Getting this done before your wedding could help you if any problem arises. So ask for a wedding contract.

4. Not valuing wedding photography

The truth is wedding photographers are not valued. When couples draft their wedding budget, they often rank other things ahead of photography. Yet, your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you’ll have on your day. This is the only wedding vendor who works before, during, and after your wedding. Long after you finish doing business with other vendors.

You may spend plenty of money on decorations, food, drink, activities, and the like. Yet, the pictures will be the only means to see how it all came together and how much fun you and your guests had. Of course, you don’t need a photographer to have a successful wedding. Wedding photography isn’t cheap. So if you can’t afford a quality photographer, you’re better off without the service. But, don’t trade the benefits of having a good one for something else. Getting a wedding photographer is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding.

dancefloor moment taken by wedding photographer in Lagos - Ash Robin

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

You can have a fun and perfect wedding in Lagos. This is possible despite all the stress that usually accompanies weddings. A major factor is getting the right photographer. To do this, make sure you book immediately. Meet your photographer before the wedding and ask for the wedding contract. Know that wedding photography in Lagos is important, despite not being cheap, and is one of the best ways to invest in your wedding.

Avoid these mistakes Lagos couples make and go enjoy yourself!

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