12 Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers in Lagos Before You Book Them

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It is essential to have a consultation with wedding photographers in Lagos before you book them. On your wedding day, you’ll be spending time with your photographer a lot so you must have that meeting either in person, over the phone, or even through Zoom.

Your pictures are the most important takeaway from your wedding day (other than your new spouse of course) and if you’re entrusting that responsibility to someone, you need to ask questions and verify that they’re the right person or team for you. 

But what questions do you ask wedding photographers in Lagos? What are the essential things to know? 

Whether you are hiring the Ash Robin Photography team or considering other wedding photographers in Lagos, we have compiled a list of 12 questions to help you get a wedding photographer that is perfect for you.

Although this article contains the exact questions you need to ask, you still need to pay attention to the overall idea mentioned in “5 Tips For Hiring A Nigerian Wedding Photographer” during your conversation with your wedding photographer.

1. What is your photography style?

This is the first question to ask your wedding photographer because you have to like the pictures at the end of the day. Someone may be the best wedding photographer in Lagos, but if you and your partner don’t connect with the person’s style of pictures, chances are high that you end up regretting your choice and we don’t want that.

At Ash Robin Photography, we are primarily documentary wedding photographers because we believe your wedding moments matter. Our About Us contains more info about our photography style and philosophy.

2. How long have you worked photographing weddings?

This is a question you ask to determine the experience of your wedding photographer. There’s nothing wrong with using a wedding photographer with little experience. However, you must check previous weddings they’ve shot and look at their testimonials and reviews from previous clients. You can do this by checking the reviews on their Google business pages and website or reading the comments on their Instagram.

3. How many times have you worked as a wedding photographer?

Now this question may seem strange, but you should know that many wedding photographers in Lagos shoot other genres and may not be specialized wedding photographers. This is good information to have before hiring and you’ll be better off hiring a photographer you know you’ll be happy with the final product, specialized or not.

4. Will you provide a wedding photography contract?

A wedding photography contract is a must-have because it protects you and it protects the photographer. You should be wary if the wedding photographer you’re considering doesn’t provide a contract for services to be rendered. This is because the contract is what will contain the services to be offered, pricing, deadlines for payments and delivery, termination, and other terms. This helps to avoid potential problems in case they happen. There’s no harm in being prepared.

5. Can I see the full set of pictures from a wedding?

You must see the different types of images that a photographer will make on your wedding day. Most wedding photographers in Lagos post only their portraits on their Instagram pages and websites. Asking to see a full wedding gallery is perfectly fine as it allows you to see what other parts of the wedding day look like. This includes makeup shots, group pictures, cutting the cake, and other general stuff. Trust us, your wedding photographer would be more than happy to show you a full gallery. If they’re not willing, consider it a red flag.

At Ash Robin Photography, we send our prospective couples a Pic-Time link to a full wedding gallery so they can see all the pictures from a wedding day and decide if they want something similar.

6. What’s your backup plan?

Unexpected events do occur. What if your photographer falls sick and can’t make it? It’s good to ask your photographer what their plans are just in case. It’s also good to know how safe your images will be and how they are backed up and the steps your wedding photographer will take if something were to happen. As we said earlier, there’s no harm in being prepared.

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7. Can I ask for a particular shot?

These days, many couples create Pinterest boards so they can recreate ideas they love at their wedding or pre-wedding. Some photographers may not be comfortable trying to replicate an image exactly as it is but may be willing to do something similar in their own style. It’s good information to have if you’re going to be planning your wedding based on a lot of Pinterest ideas.

8. What are your packages like?

Many wedding photographers in Lagos differentiate their packages based on things like the number of photographers or days of events. Other things to consider are pre-wedding pictures, travel and hotel costs (if it applies to your wedding), albums to be printed, and all that. If the photographer works as part of a team, you should know who exactly will be coming to your wedding and how it affects the pricing. You can’t hire a wedding photographer in Lagos without sorting these out.

9. When do you start working and when do you leave the wedding?

Most wedding photographers will start work during the makeup process in the morning and leave either during or after the after-party. You should know when your photographer will be available so you can plan your event accordingly.

10. Will you edit all my photos?

Some photographers will edit only a selected number of images. Others may especially edit a few and do little to no editing to the rest of the photos. You should ask your photographer what their editing style is so you know what to expect.

At Ash Robin Photography, we edit all your photos for color and exposure and so we do end up delivering a large gallery.

11. How long after my wedding will I have to wait before getting my pictures?

Wedding photographers offer different wait times before you get your images. Some will deliver images the week of your wedding, others will take weeks or even months before you get to see the images. You should ask this question so you know what to expect.

At Ash Robin Photography, we send our couples a sneak peek during the week immediately after the wedding so they can have something to share with their family and friends. Since we do deliver a large wedding gallery, we provide the final, full gallery (after editing) within 4 weeks of your wedding and your wedding album between 6 – 8 weeks.

12. What do I do next?

Once you’ve asked the above questions and you’ve decided that the photographer is perfect for you, you should ask what to do next to book them. This includes knowing how early you should book, how much you should deposit, getting the contract and signing, plus reviewing other wedding logistics.

Get Answers from Wedding Photographers in Lagos

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Your wedding photos are very important. And finding who should handle that aspect of your day is essential. So if you’re ready to start finding wedding photographers in Lagos, make sure you get answers that you’re satisfied with. This will allow you to enjoy your day because you know your wedding photos are in safe hands.

Feel free to check out our other articles to help you in planning your wedding and contact us if you’d like to know more about our wedding photography options.

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