The 22 Best Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lagos (2024)

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Finding the best wedding venue is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding for an engaged couple, but with so many options it’s easy to get lost in all the details. The venue you choose can either make or break your wedding, so it’s important to research whatever you need to before making a final decision.

With that in mind, we want to help engaged couples narrow down their search as much as possible while they decide on wedding venues in Lagos.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Lagos for you to use as a resource and inspiration when planning your special day.

Naturally, we’ve included some of our favorite venues too – they’re guaranteed to be exclusive and memorable. All you have to do is click on the venue’s name and see if it’s suitable for your special day!

This list frequently gets updated so it’s fresh and useful to engaged couples who are looking for wedding venues in Lagos.

If you need a wedding photographer for your event, contact us, and we’d love to document your love story in your venue of choice.

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The Best Indoor Wedding Venues in Lagos

  1. The Civic Centre
    The Civic centre is a reputable event centre in Lagos. Home of many of the biggest luxury events in Lagos, this is a perfect indoor wedding venue for you. This prestigious centre also offers additional services such as lighting if you’re interested. The Civic centre is located on Victoria Island, Lagos.
    View The Civic Centre’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at civiccentrelagos
  2. Landmark Centre
    Landmark centre is a multipurpose event facility on Victoria Island. If you’re looking for space, this is the right place for you. The two main halls occupy about 4200sqm which should be more than enough to host your wedding reception. The Landmark centre is fully air-conditioned and is located at the beachfront of the Atlantic Ocean. A dream wedding venue in all sense of the word!
    View Landmark Centre’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at landmark_centre
  3. Classique Events Place
    Classique Events Place is a classic, state-of-the-art indoor wedding venue located in Ikeja, Lagos. This venue comprises several halls with a seating capacity of over 1000 guests. Classique Events Place also offers additional services such as event coordination, security, and an uninterrupted power supply which will improve your wedding experience.
    View Classique Events Place’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at classique_event
  4. The Grandeur
    The Grandeur is arguably the best choice if you’re planning a large wedding. This wedding venue can seat 2500 guests so invite as many people as you want. Located in Ikeja, The Grandeur is one of the premier event venues in Lagos. This place is here to provide you with quality service so you can have as much fun as you deserve.
    View The Grandeur’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at thegrandeureventsng
  5. The Dorchester
    The Dorchester is a special, one-of-a-kind wedding venue in Ikoyi, Lagos. This place is managed by Elizabeth R Events and offers a couple of other services including wedding planning. The venue can seat 1500 persons in a banquet style and 4000, theater-style. Their customer service is top-notch and they will help you bring your wedding vision to life.
    View The Dorchester’s contact details here
  6. The Monarch
    The Monarch is one of the most prestigious indoor wedding venues in Lagos. Situated in Lekki and built on about 10ksqm, this venue screams luxury. Space is not a problem at The Monarch and it is suitable for weddings. Bring style and class to your event with this architectural beauty known as The Monarch.
    View The Monarch’s contact details here or check out The Monarch on Instagram
  7. The Red Carpet Hall
    The Red Carpet Hall is another great venue for weddings in Lagos. It can contain about 500 seats with 50 tables which is usually a decent size for Lagos weddings. This event hall is located at Oniru, Lekki and they offer wedding coordination services along with the use of the hall.
    View The Red Carpet Hall’s contact details here
  8. Balmoral Event Venues
    Balmoral Venues are a group of different wedding venues in Lagos owned by the same parent company. The Haven and Balmoral Hall are both located in Ikeja while the Balmoral Convention Centre is on Victoria Island.
    Balmoral Hall can seat between 800-1500 guests. The Haven can seat between 1500-3500 so it’s perfect for large weddings. The Balmoral Convention Centre can seat between 2000-3500 persons. Balmoral venues might just be perfect for you as they are designed to help you host a successful wedding.
    View Balmoral Event Venue’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at balmoralevents
  9. Harbour Point
    Harbour Point Hall and Marquee is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos, and is under the management of Eventful Limited. Harbour Point Hall can seat about 1000-1200 guests while the Marquee can seat between 1500-2500 guests.
    View Harbour Point’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at harbourpointcentre
  10. Brava Events Centre
    Brava Events Centre is a spacious wedding venue capable of seating between 700-1000 guests depending on the setting. This venue also offers other services like event coordination and decoration. This wedding venue is located at Ogba, Lagos.
    View Brava Events Centre’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at bravaeventsng
  11. Monarch Gardens Event Centre
    Monarch Gardens is an event centre in Osapa-London, Lekki where you can choose to get married in. This venue has lots of space and its main banquet hall can hold between 700-1500 guests depending on the setting.
    View Monarch Gardens Event Centre’s contact details here
  12. Royal Oaks Event Centre
    Royal Oaks Event Centre is a beautiful indoor wedding venue in Lekki. The main hall can seat about 1200 guests while their Jasmine hall can be used for an intimate wedding with smaller guests.
    View Royal Oaks Event Centre’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at royaloakscentre
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The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lagos

  1. The Five Palm
    The Five Palm functions as both an indoor and outdoor wedding venue in Lagos. It is a popular venue in Lekki and chances are high that you’ve seen a picture featuring a wedding at this place. If you’re a fan of the Netflix series, Blood Sisters, it might interest you to know that lead actress Ini Dima-Okojie got married at this beautiful venue. The Five Palm features a majestic dome where you can take your vows, a cathedral, and a banquet hall. This venue is an absolute favorite.
    View The Five Palm’s contact details on Instagram
  2. Whitestone Event Place
    Whitestone Event Place is another hybrid wedding venue supporting both indoor and outdoor weddings. This venue is located in Ikeja and has a beautiful outdoor space to have your wedding ceremony. Their Jadeite Hall can seat between 1200-2500 persons depending on the setting.
    View Whitestone Event Place’s contact details on Instagram
  3. BICS Garden
    BICS Garden, Lekki is a perfect venue for you if you want to get married on a Caribbean island without leaving Lagos. At BICS Garden, you get a generator for the duration of your event along with the staff members to help you in pulling off a successful event. Event pricing starts at N350k according to their website.
    View BICS Garden’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at bicsgarden_bbc
  4. Jhalobia Garden
    Jhalobia Garden is a recreational park that also serves as an outdoor wedding venue. This beautiful garden is located in Ikeja and has enough space to hold your wedding ceremony.
    View Jhalobia Garden’s contact details on Instagram
  5. Euphoria Event Place
    Euphoria Event Place is another place that counts among our wedding venues in Lagos. It is located in Ikeja and is a beautiful environment with well-groomed lawns and flowers to give you a perfect, picturesque view.
    View Euphoria Event Place’s contact details here or check out their Instagram at euphoriaeventplace
  6. The Amore Gardens
    The Amore Gardens is a modern outdoor wedding facility located in Lekki, Lagos. This serene location gives a beautiful vibe to your event and is worth checking out.
    Contact The Amore Gardens on Instagram
  7. PEARL Event Garden
    PEARL Event Garden is an outdoor wedding location in Lekki, Lagos. This space can seat up to 400 guests and is situated in front of a beautiful waterfront.
    View PEARL Event Garden’s contact details on Instagram
  8. Yard 158
    Yard 158 Events Arena is an event centre in Ikeja that offers outdoor wedding services. This facility offers flexibility to your event with its beautiful and multipurpose environment.
    View Yard 158’s contact details on Instagram 
  9. Welcome Centre Hotels
    Welcome Centre is a hotel in Ikeja that counts among the indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Lagos. The outdoor garden at this hotel can seat 800 guests which makes it perfect for your ceremony.
    View Welcome Centre Hotels’ contact details here or check them out on Facebook
  10. Muri Okunola Park
    Muri Okunola Park is a recreational park that can be used for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The park is located on Victoria Island and can hold between 500-2000 guests depending on the seating arrangement.
    You can get more info about using Muri Okunola Park from the Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency (LASPARK)
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Concluding our Super List of the Best Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lagos

Lagos is the wedding capital of Nigeria, and for good reason, with new hotels and reception venues springing up everywhere around the city. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost and end up at a place that doesn’t quite cut it.

The good news is that it’s easy enough to make your list, contact the venue of your choice, and be on your way to enjoying the happiest day of your life at one of these best wedding venues in Lagos.

Our list of the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Lagos has been well-researched to ensure you get the best options while planning.

Feel free to check out some of our other articles to help you plan your wedding.

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