12 Questions To Ask Wedding Photographers in Lagos Before You Book Them

couple portrait by Ash Robin, wedding photographer in Lagos

It is essential to have a consultation with wedding photographers in Lagos before you book them. On your wedding day, you’ll be spending time with your photographer a lot so you must have that meeting either in person, over the phone, or even through Zoom. Your pictures are the most important takeaway from your wedding day […]

The 22 Best Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lagos (2022)

Traditional wedding portrait by lagos wedding photographer, Ash Robin

Finding the best wedding venue is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding for an engaged couple, but with so many options it’s easy to get lost in all the details. The venue you choose can either make or break your wedding, so it’s important to research whatever you need to before making […]

5 Best Stores to Get The Best Engagement Rings in Lagos

exchange of wedding rings at a nigerian wedding 3

You’ve finally decided to propose to the love of your life. Great decision! But now, you need to find a place that sells engagement rings in Lagos. Going shopping for engagement rings can be exciting yet difficult. This is because there are a lot of stores offering this service. Even a quick Google search will […]

4 Ideal Tips To Get The Best Pre-Wedding Pictures In Nigeria

artistic silhouette pre wedding picture at lagos travel inn in ikeja

Many couples nowadays have a shoot to take pre-wedding pictures before their big day. In Nigeria, these pictures are then usually used to print banners, for gift items, and as part of the decorations on the main wedding day. If you’re newly engaged and are planning one, there are a couple of things to keep […]

5 Ultimate Ways To Select The Right Lagos Wedding Photographer

nigerian couple in kogi at their wedding

Lagos weddings are fantastic. Weddings, in general, are great, but a Lagos wedding is the best. This city seems to come alive when it comes to parties and celebrations, and for weddings, everyone brings their A-game. From beautiful decorations to the various fun and games segments you see at reception, the standard keeps getting better. […]

Here’s The Only Wedding Photographer in Lagos You Need At Your Wedding

couple pre wedding in ikeja, lagos, nigeria

I admit that might be a bit misleading because there’s more than one great wedding photographer in Lagos. So let me rephrase: this article is about the only wedding photographer in Lagos you need if you’re someone who values the moments on a wedding day. That is what Ash Robin Photography is about. Let me start by […]

Should You Hire A Second Photographer For Your Wedding?

Wedding in Ibadan 14

As a couple, there are various things to consider when hiring your photographer. And no doubt, one of such things includes whether to hire a second photographer for your wedding. But you may wonder if there’s any need for doing so. Well, I had the opportunity of having a live meeting on Instagram with Meg […]

6 Awesome Wedding Dress Designers in Lagos You Must Know About

groomsmen helping bride with her wedding dress so she can easily walk at a nigerian wedding

The Wedding Dress! Surely, it’s an aspect of your wedding you’re looking forward to. You just can’t wait to catch your groom’s reaction when he sees you in it. Neither can we! Knowing how important this moment is, it’s only natural that you’re in search of that perfect dress. As you probably know, picking a […]