5 Tips to Manage Your Wedding Guests With Care

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When it comes to preparing for your wedding ceremony and reception, one factor has more impact than your venue, cakes, and wedding menu. Yes, it’s high time we talk about your wedding guests – the factor that influences most of the other wedding planning decisions you’ll need to make. The major mistake some couples make […]

30 Best Ideas for Your Wedding Menu

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The Wedding Menu! Surely, it’s something you shouldn’t overlook when making your wedding prep. All the more so if you’re planning a reception party after the ceremony. You’ll want to keep your guests entertained and refreshed as they join you in celebrating your day. But have you asked yourself yet: What should your wedding menu […]

4 Popular Wedding Cake Flavors to Try

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What does your ideal wedding cake look like? If you’ve decided to bake one for your wedding party, you most likely have several references for the design. But we won’t delve into that in this post. Instead, we’ll focus on the most interesting aspect of the cake – its taste. When it comes to your […]

7 Top Trending Wedding Dress Styles in 2024

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Just got engaged? Congrats. By now, you must have started minor preparations in anticipation of your big day. But as a bride, it’s safe to say the part of your wedding prep you’re mostly looking forward to is the “wedding dress.” After all, you can’t wait to catch your groom’s expression upon seeing your entry […]

The 21 best wedding photographers in Lagos

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Who are the best wedding photographers in Lagos? If you’re about to get married, then you surely want an answer to this question. After all, the wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you’ll need for your big day. Well, you know that, don’t you? We’re not here to bore you with obvious […]

5 tips to help you buy the best engagement ring in Lagos

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Of course, a wedding ceremony can’t be complete without the engagement rings. It plays a vital role before (during the engagement), during (when it’s exchanged at the ceremony), and after the wedding. As such, it is no wonder why couples take their time choosing the best engagement ring in Lagos alongside other wedding prep. And […]

Should you have a destination wedding in Lagos?

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Have you heard of destination weddings? In recent years, they’ve become a trend among couples. But what is it? Simply put, destination weddings are those that involve you traveling out of your local vicinity (to other towns, cities, countries, etc.) to get married. But here’s the question – why have a destination wedding in Lagos? […]

9 must-have Lagos wedding vendors

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Have you gotten started on your wedding day prep? If so, you’ll need to make a list of Lagos wedding vendors to hire. Why? Simply put – no wedding can function properly without the vendors working in the background to ensure the day runs smoothly. Well, that’s no news. But deciding on which vendors to […]

Here Are the Ultimate Pros and Cons of Having A Wedding in Lagos

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Should you have your wedding in Lagos? Believe it or not, this is a question many couples today are faced with. Regardless of whether or not they live in the city, couples today contemplate if they can have a destination or local wedding in Lagos. And to be honest, that’s not surprising. After all, Lagos […]